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This caught my eye because it asked a question to which I actually have an answer. I got the answer because at one point — briefly — I was a reporter for an English-language newspaper in Jerusalem. We were broken into and I developed a sudden, new interest in burglary, burglars, and “getting caught.” And so, here I am.

How do you see music or do you simply hear it? If you do see it – what do you see and if you hear it how do you hear it ? What does music conjure up for you when you listen?

I see classical music, probably because I studied it in college. I often can actually “see” the score. If it was something I performed, my fingers will try to play along. But I can also see most songs that have melody, or at least the melodic portion. I don’t really see images unless that particular piece of music was part of some other event in my life and it conjures memories. But that’s not the music — that’s memory.

Why do some crimes go unsolved and what do you think is the hardest crime to get away with?

Back in the 1980s, my condo was burgled and no, I was not insured and I never got anything back. The crime was never solved, probably because my then-husband was probably the recipient of the money and goods. I only learned that much later.

Since I was the managing editor of an English-language newspaper as well as its primary writer and editor (we were lacking funds to hire others, so I used many names and wrote a lot of material), I used this as an opportunity to try and learn about crime. Not merely as a victim, but from the perspective of the cops, other victims … and the robbers.

The policeman I interviewed was, at that time, the “voice” of the Jerusalem PD, although I don’t remember if the police were actually broken down by city. But, it happened I knew him and he agreed to talk to me. He said the reason most crimes don’t get solved is if it was committed by someone without a record who had never been fingerprinted. These were the days before cameras, I should add. He said most intelligent people could get away with a crime — at least once — if they were careful and if they had no previous criminal record.

And, one of the main reasons they busted a lot of people for minor drug offenses was because you nabbed one drug offender and you were usually getting a very active burglar off the streets. Who knew that my husband was one of them?

Burglary is probably the easiest crime to get away with because they don’t try very hard to solve them. Murder is likely the hardest — depending on who you murder because they usually make an effort to find the killer. But really, much more crime goes unsolved than is solved — no matter what you see on TV procedurals.

On a scale of 1 – 7 with 7 being the highest how do you rate your country’s current government’s effectiveness?

All things considered, Biden’s doing surprisingly well. He’s got huge obstacles in his way, though. Given those obstacles, I doubt anyone would be able to do much better and that is sad.

How would you describe the colour teal to someone who wasn’t familiar with the colour?

The color of the Caribbean in sunlight in the summer!

Are you able to list five ways to improve your mental health and wellbeing?

Mine? Make me 10 years younger, a great deal healthier, and a lot richer!

How would you describe your house/property and do you like it or not?

I love the place we live. The house, although it is very ordinary, is also very comfortable. If we had the funds, there are a lot of improvements I’d make including knocking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room to make one big, bright room.

Our golden woods — aka, our backyard
Even the oaks are turning red this year

Nonetheless, we’ve done pretty well with the house and I’m not unhappy with it. It’s difficult on a fixed income to maintain a house. It’s not the fault of the house. It’s just reality.

Is popularity important to you and if so why?

No. I’m not sure it ever was.

If fear wasn’t an issue for you, what adventure would you take?

Fear isn’t an issue for me. PAIN is an issue for me. If I were younger, healthier and richer (see previous response), there are many things I’d love doing and many more I’d happily do again.

How many Bond Movies have you seen and what are your top five favourites?

I have probably seen most of them. None of them are favorite movies. Sorry, but I really loved the books. I don’t know why they never followed the stories in the books. Why use those books if you aren’t ever going to use the story? They were great stories!

What is the most reckless thing youve ever done?

Moving to Israel with my son when I had no money, no knowledge of the language, and no prospects. I just wanted to get away, see another world. I really wanted a heavy dose of culture shock. I had reached an age when the idea of being born, living, and dying on Long Island wasn’t enough. I never regretted it. Personally, I think everyone should live in another country for at least a few months. Especially Americans who seem to think America IS the world.

What really freaks you out and why?

The way corporations are running our world. Everyone thinks it’s politicians. But it’s not. It’s money people who run things. Maybe this is somewhat less true in other countries, but it’s true enough over all. Freedom is an illusion.

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  1. Excellent answers Marilyn – yes as Sadje above suggests and l know Di also mentioned – one off crimes with no motive are probably the hardest to solve and yeah the same applies here in the UK, burglars are not the police’s main priorities.

    A great way to describe the colour teal.

    I do agree with you, l too have read and know of not just Americans but Brits and Ozzies too who all think the sun shines only out of their own country alone and yet if they simply explored and lived in other cultures and opened their minds more, they would also discover there is more to life than they think.

    It is the corporations who are amongst the biggest culprits, they fund governments and have their fingers in many pies – they are the true power as well as socities are one of the world’s biggest enemies.


    • It’s why it’s so great when colleges offer a “year abroad.” Unfortunately, too few students can afford it. I know I couldn’t. I had to actually move to another country and live there for a decade — with a fair bit of time in England, Ireland, and Wales just for fun.

      I think native English-speakers from the US and UK are particularly limited, convinced we live in the best places on earth. Those of us who travel are probably more open-minded anyway. So many people are appalled at the idea of living somewhere else and having to deal with different money, different manners, and — WORST OF ALL — different food. I find it unfathomable how many people travel abroad on vacation and all they want to eat is exactly the same stuff they eat at home. Why on earth would you travel the world and be forever seeking out the local version of MickeyD — unless they are researching a book about it!

      If that’s how you feel about it, why travel? I loved the food everywhere I’ve gone. Not every single bite, but the variety and the new flavors and textures. I had slightly more trouble figuring out how to COOK it, but that’s another tale.

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      • Like you, l am often more than a little surprised when l overhear people talking about a holiday they have taken only to hear, for example, they have gone to Spain and lived the same as they might have done in England except the sun was hotter.

        They did nothing differently at all, just enjoyed a hotter English life in Spain ……… ‘erm, l ‘m sorry, am l missing something here??’ Where’s the adventure in that?

        I have travelled widely during my years and one of the best things about it all ……. well there are several but one main thing … it was DIFFERENT than home. That’s the fun. Going on holiday is about learning new things, tasting and sampling variety – being somewhere different, different noises, smells, and life.

        It just baffles me. But then, people confuse me on a fairly regular basis.


        • I’m with you! If it isn’t different than home, save the money. But a new recliner and order out for pizza or go to your favorite restaurants. But to travel far away only to act as if you are still at home is, to say the least, baffling.

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  2. Very well answered Marilyn. Specially the one about unsolved crimes


    • Garry worked a lot with the police in Boston when he was working, so he knew how much crime was not only not solved, but how little of it was even on the docket. There s LOT of crime and unless it involves someone famous, rich or politically connected, the odds don’t favor a lot of serious police involvement. And although I know it’s popular to blame the police for everything — and they are far from perfect — given limited budgets, limited staff, the actual number of hours in a day, they (most of them, anyway) do the best they can. They aren’t going to spend hours trying to find out who broke into your car and took your radio or into your condo and took your jewelry — unless you’re the mayor or their chief. Or someone was injured or killed.

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