At first, at thought there might be some fighting, but a second look told me it was a big male and a big female clinging to the center pillar. This was not a fight. It was love. It was romance. It was passion. It was the courtship of a male desperately in love with a lovely young female. He was doing everything a woodpecker can do to win the love of his lady.

Oh the devotion on his feathery face! She is ignoring him, but isn’t flying away. Maybe there is hope? “Here, sweet thing, I offer you this piece of fine suet!
Maybe another wing flap? Oh, she is looking at me! Just a bit more showing her what a fine boy I am and what wonderful babies we will make!

He came bearing a piece of suet. When that did not first win her over, he flapped his beautiful striped wings and offered her a black sunflower seed. He flapped his wings again, showing her what a fine, strong boy he is and what wonderful fledglings they will hatch.

Woodpeckers are excellent parents and very devoted, generally for life. They care for their young for months making sure they know where to find the food (our deck, as a rule) and before they let them go, their babies are full-sized birds ready to breed their own babies.

The deed is done. She has accepted the suet and the seed. Many happy returns! They won’t be breeding in the same tree, though because we had it cut down yesterday pre-empting its likely fall onto the roof and deck.

And now it’s time to gather suet for the wedding dinner!

There are many trees in our woods and I’m sure they will find just the right one in which to settle down. May your union bring forth many beautiful Hairy Woodpeckers to live long and well in our woods.

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  1. The most beautiful love story and pictures! I’ve never seen these before. Wow!


  2. What lovely pictures, Marilyn. I have a similar set which I call the romance of the peacocks.

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  3. I love a happy ending!

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    • Me too. I thought of throwing them rice, but I was afraid they’d eat it. They picked an exceptionally difficult place to court directly behind the chimes and between all the other feeders. I got better pictures than I expected, though all of them are cut off on the right because of the hanging chimes which were exactly in the way of getting a picture of both of them.

      Still, it was a lovely courtship and I’m sure they will live happily ever after.

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      • I love this story and its promise of a happy ending.

        Are we catering the wedding? Will we be godparents?

        Duke has volunteered to handle security, keeping an eye on squirrels who try to crash the wedding and snatch the festive cuisine.

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        • You know, Garry, I wondered if Chez Armstrong was doing the catering, but at least they got a good photographer. 😉📸
          Duke is definitely hired.

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          • Duke is very excited to have a role in this romantic saga. He is the watchman of our estate and he never fails in his duty. OF COURSE we are doing the catering! That’s our thing! I wonder what kind of cake they’d like? Suet with fresh mealworms on the side?

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