Festival of Leaves 2022 Week #6: Late October Color in the Blackstone Valley

All photographs: Garry Armstrong

It may not be the absolutely last day of this beautiful autumn, but it’s getting close. I went to bring down the recycling bin and realized I had to get my camera. Sometimes, it’s too beautiful to pass up. Even though it’s raining — and will probably rain tomorrow too — this is as beautiful as southern New England gets.

Welcome! This is our new front gate. Built by Owen

Let’s take a look at the leaves. After the rain stops, we will have to decide when to clean up the leaves. There are obviously plenty of leaves still on the trees. We try to wait as long as we can, but if we wait too long and it snows? Timing is everything, especially in yard cleanup.

And now, just some pretty fall foliage. The wet weather made everything shine!

Some of our best pictures are taken looking north and southbound on our own street. The colors come late to us, but when they get here, it’s an explosion. It is, at moments like this, when I feel incredibly lucky to live in this valley.

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6 replies

  1. They’re beautiful shots, but I don’t miss it a bit. Give me these Palm trees & fall temps in the 80s. #lovinit😍


  2. Oh is gorgeous there! I think a bit of rain (without the wind) helps the color.


  3. The rain actually made the colors more intense! Gorgeous pictures of everything. Thank you!


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