Festival of Leaves 2022 Week #6: October Color in the Blackstone Valley

I keep thinking that with each long period of rain, the leaves will all drop. They are dropping, but not all of them. Some are actually just at peak right now, especially directly in front of our house.

The leaves in today’s sunshine looked like jewels. Even though I love autumn, I actually think the colors this year have been above and beyond anything we’ve seen before. Garry went into town to pick some odds and ends at the grocery. There was a big truck parked in the road stopping traffic. Just when he was beginning to get restless, he looked around and the entire world was glowing with ruby and golden leaves. He decided he wasn’t, after all, in a hurry. It was time to relax and enjoy this amazing world.

The color out back is entirely different than the colors in front. Maples up front, oak trees out back.

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  1. The reds are really showing off this year!


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