I’ve been drawing ghosts in our graveyard since March. Finally, Halloween — All Hallows Eve or perhaps for some, Samhain — has come! The stones in this cemetery date back to the early 1700s. Surely there must be at least a few ghosts?

Drawing: Marilyn Armstrong
Meet the family
Vampire – Drawing: Marilyn Armstrong
Drawing: Marilyn Armstrong
The graveyard – Drawing: Marilyn Armstrong
Death patiently waits. Drawing: Marilyn Armstrong

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  1. Marilyn,…these are enchanting! I absolutely love them! I hope you truly realize you captured the essence of why I enjoy this time of year! The trees by “your” bridge is my favorite. But ALL of them are “hauntingly” unique and beautiful!

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  2. The one of death is the best

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  3. These would make great book illustrations, or title art for a movie…

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  4. These are fabulous! I love them all!

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    • I’ve been drawing these since last February, but I needed Halloween to arrive 😀 Ghosts are really easy to draw. The bridge and the stones and the rest, not quite as easy — but these have all be a lot of fun. I was sure the right moment for them would come 👻

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