FOTD – October 30 – Mixed Mums

It must be true because Alexa has been percolating all day with the big news: it’s going to freeze overnight! I mentioned this to Garry who said, “Yeah, and is that news? Doesn’t that happen every year around this time?”

“Yes,” I said, “But I think it’s news to Alexa. Besides, people follow the weather around here as if it’s the world series every day all year round. We are obsessed by the weather.”

It’s true. We really are. Maybe it’s because New England’s weather is so wildly erratic or maybe it was how long it took the Red Sox to win the World Series and we needed something else to obsess about, but we are. People stop everything when the weather comes on the air. It’s the end of October. We usually get a freeze around this time, give or take a couple of week. It might warm up a big for a while, but it’s heading towards that other season during which white stuff falls from the sky.

Our mixed mums are still looking happy and healthy. Owen and I are betting on whether the freeze will kill them. He thinks it will. I’m sure it won’t. What we are both hoping is the cold encourages the oak leaves to fall so we can clean up once rather than cleaning up a second time after the oaks leaves are on the ground.

We aren’t taking bets on that. I’m betting we’ll have a partial fall and just have to accept not having all the leave down.

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  1. very tough characters, mums! and the flowers too!


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