Last photo for October 2022

I took an awful lot of pictures this past month. None of them are still on the original chips, though, so exactly what was last? Not sure. But these were definitely a few of the final ones.

East window, afternoon Pen F 12-200 mm
Duke above me – Pen F
Kaity’s very blurry mini-dachshund puppy – OMD (Original)

That puppy never stopped moving! Otherwise, another picture of the Duke. I was trying to get the red leaves (now gone overnight!) and he was firmly in the way. Think of hm as an autumnal dog.

And, then, there’s the garden window. Nothing special.

Didn’t do anything except to reduce their size.

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  1. I love the garden window Marilyn. Trying to get a puppy is always difficult. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂


    • That one is now my granddaughter’s. I don’t really want a puppy. I’d rather adopt a slightly older dog, although I have mixed feelings about it and wondering if maybe we are getting a bit long in the tooth for a new one.

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  2. Nice ones Mar.., except maybe “Fuzzy” dog

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