I took a bunch more squirrel pictures this morning. I love the red squirrel with the puffy gray tail.

These guys are so incredibly furry and cute, especially that tiny red one. But this is also an exercise is the various colors ONE single type of squirrel can show.

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  1. omg, I nearly had a heart attack this morning. I was in the downstairs bath doing my business when all of a sudden a shadow appeared directly on the other side of the speckled glass. I thought it was a prowler, and it was so close! Then I saw the curve of a twitchy tail. Damn squirrel! Squirrels are cute and make for great photos (as you’ve demonstrated), but really, must they sit on windowsills and scare the house occupants half to death? (Hope all is well with you and Garry. I haven’t been here on WP for awhile.)


    • It’s good to have you back. Birds like to come and cling to our (new) screens and that has the same effect on me. What IS that? Oh, it’s a sparrow (wren, finch, woodpecker …) and I’m just glad I have a pacemaker!

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  2. 👌👌👌📷🤗💖with squirrels, I’m pretty sure they hold the nuts in their hands and not their front legs. They are wonderful photos dear Marilyn☀️🌹🤗


    • I’m never sure what to call their appendages, but they do use their front feet like hands, so that works for me. These guys are really super cute. ALL my little wild creatures are cuts, but these little red guys are particularly adorable.


  3. Those are some excellent shots of my fine, furry friends… especially the bottom two which look very professional! I envy your red squirrels, which we apparently don’t have around here… especially those black highlights on their tails!

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    • The black highlights are new for 2022. I know that the grey and red don’t mate, or so they say, but sometimes, I swear some of the babies really look like a cross. The colors change so dramatically, too, depending on the litter. This year, we got a bunch babies with striped tails fluffy gray tails — with red bodies — and almost all grey except they have that double curve that the Eastern Grays don’t have. I suppose if they can’t cross-breed then they can’t, but sometimes it sure looks like they do.

      I think we have many of the little red ones because I feed them. When there’s no competition for food the smaller squirrels fare better. Right now, we don’t have a flat feeder, so we aren’t seeing squirrels much until Owen repairs it. Owen is going to have to redesign it so it stops falling down.


  4. They are very cute!

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    • They are. We lost our flat feeder a week ago. It broke. It was less than 2 weeks old. We’re trying to figure out how to get another one up that won’t break and fall down almost immediately. It’s getting a little expensive buy a flat feeder a month!

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