Walking by the Blackstone River in mid-October

Summer was brutal. Too hot to go anywhere or do much of anything, we spent most of it indoors hoping we’d get some rain before we ran out of water (we don’t have “city water” — all our water comes from our well) and equally hoping the intense heat would break. Every morning I looked out the window hoping to see clouds. I never thought I could get depressed by another brilliantly sunny day. The leaves on the trees were beginning to turn brown and curl up … and then …

In the park by the Mumford River Dam

The clouds came and broke and the rain came tumbling down! The curled brown leaves turned green again. A month of heavy rains later we had a short but amazing Autumn. It might have been the only thing that would extract me from home. Just two weeks later, the leaves are gone. Autumn came, blazed, and fell in giant heaps of oak leaves and dying vines.

But we had Autumn. It was short and blinding in its beauty. I don’t remember seeing such brilliant colors in at least a decade. Maybe longer. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen autumn coloring like we had this year.

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  1. Stunning autumn colours caught here Marily – wonderfully done. We too have a harsh summer and early autumn, but in the last two weeks, we have had heavy rains, flash floods and flooding, strange ol’ world eh 🙂


  2. Beautiful autumn squares 😀 😀


    • Thanks Cee. The colors were so intense the camera had trouble getting it right. It kept turning everything green. It did better in “auto.” Whatever I was doing, it wasn’t helping. Those colors in bright sun were remarkable.

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  3. wow simply fabulous. So glad you managed to capture it before they all disappeared


    • Thank you!! As soon as the trees change, we go into “photo gallop” mode. You never know how much time you have. It could be as little as a few days, or a few weeks. So you just go take as many pictures in as many places as you can conveniently reach and hope you get enough. We just JUST enough before the peak passed. Short but amazing.

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