Best of the Week: Autumn Green

Green mixed with red and gold. Oh may, what an autumn! It wasn’t long, but it was powerful.

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  1. The autumn foliage is brief, but it is also spectacular. I’ve never figured out how leaf peepers decide when to visit, but I hope they all went home with lots of good memories and great photos.


  2. Just gorgeous! You are right, it goes by WAY too fast!


    • This year was like a streak of brilliant color that flashed by in about 10 days — total. It was amazing and I am SO glad we got out there to take pictures and didn’t wait. Never have I seen trees strip as completely as these did, either. Usually the oak leaves at least last for a few week, generally through November. This year? GONE. Overnight. Maybe that was because of the long drought.


      • I do believe rain levels affect autumn leaves. Now that is more of a belief than a scientific fact..just so you know 🙂


        • I don’t see how they COULDN’T be affected. A long, very hot summer without any rain for three and a half month? That has got to have an effect. Before the rain came, the leaves were turning brown and curling. Then, rain. Those brown leaves turned green again and suddenly it was autumn. Faster than a speeding bullet. Ten days of incredible color and then EVERY leaf falls off the trees including ALL the oak trees which usually keep their leaves until at least Thanksgiving. I don’t see any reason why the drought would fail to affect the trees. I’ll have to check and see if anyone has done any research on this.

          Severe drought during the growing season usually makes tree leaves change color earlier and the color lasts for a shorter period. Some trees respond to drought stress by skipping the fall color change altogether; leaves just turn brown and fall off quickly.

          How Drought Affects Fall Leaf Color in Colorado Trees

          And that is exactly what happened!

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