Question Time Over Coffee

What is the best advice you have ever been given, and who gave it?

My father said if you are at an interview or something else involving money (or any major life decision) and they want an instant answer from you? Always say “No.”

No one should ever make a major life or financial decision under pressure. Every time I didn’t follow this advice I regretted it. If I’d gotten the advice from anyone other than my father, I’d probably have been less obstinate.

What word would you choose to use if you were asked to describe yourself with it?

Too soon old. Too late smart.

Yes, I know. That’s six words.

Do you like to eat mushrooms and what is your favourite culinary dish? (Credit for a question is awarded to Trisha of Learning Life.)

I love mushrooms and lately, I’m addicted to shiitake mushrooms. Ginger pork or chicken with shiitake mushrooms is a favorite — at least this month.

Do you have an accent? What is it, and where is it from?

I don’t think I have an accent. I spent a lot of years losing my accent, as did Garry. We sound American. Not specifically New York or Boston. Just U.S.A. Well, he was a TV reporter and I got a B.A. in Speech which probably explains it.

How many hours a day do you read and do you think that too much reading might be harmful to your health? If so how and if not, why not?

I read a lot. Usually at least three hours and often, a lot more. Too much of it is done late at night. Is it harmful to my health? Probably. Once I get hooked on a book, I want to keep reading (or in this case, listening) for “one more chapter.” Sometimes that turns out to be a lot of chapters and I see the dawn come up. Then I wonder why I’m so tired.

Have any books or films influenced you in any way and how you live your life? In what way? Did they inspire you to take action and change your lifestyle habits?


How aware are you of your surroundings daily? Do you notice things others miss out?

I’m a photographer, so I’m always looking and watching. But mostly, I’m a woman. I see dirt. I live with three men, NONE of whom can see dirt. It’s amazing how I can see dirt while they see nothing and wait for me to clean it.

Are you detail-oriented?

I was a technical writer.

What are your favourite things about Earth?

The trees. Birds. Squirrels. Chipmunks. Flying squirrels. Raccoons. All creatures great and small.

Have you ever accidentally upset someone you wish you hadn’t because of their strange reaction, and what did you do and how did they react?

Probably but I’ve been around a lot of years, so I’m sure it happened. I don’t remember, but that’s only because my memory isn’t what it was.

Do you have any regular behaviours or quirks you would like to lose. What are they, and why don’t you want them anymore?

No. I’m old enough to accept who I am. Major changes — even medium changes? Nah.

Are you naturally serious or can see the light-hearted to almost everything?

Sometimes. But it depends on what we are discussing. There are things I simply can’t find humorous.

Who do you think is the world’s worst real life boogeyman, and why, or if you wish, who was the worst boogeyman on the movie screen?

There are too many — in real life and in the movies — to begin to mention even a small percentage of them.

What’s the strangest phone call you have ever had?

I have no idea.

Which country in your opinion has the worst politics?

The good old U.S.A. We are awful and getting worse. I’m not sure we will ever be able to extract ourselves from our own mess.

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  1. Hey Marilyn 🙂

    Haha the dirt, that used to be the common phrase with my ex wife, never saw dirt until someone else was cleaning up. I think UK and USA are trying out for the worst politics, becqause they certainly are evenly matched for nonsense and uselessness.

    Yes l agree on the good things on planet earth 🙂


  2. HI Marilyn, NONE of whom can see dirt. It’s amazing how I can see dirt while they see nothing and wait for me to clean it. Haha! This is so funny. It is the same for me.



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