Walking on the rocks in Kennebunkport

Garry and I wandered the rocks in Kennebunkport. There were sailboats and seabirds on the rocks right alongside the Bush compound. It was an interesting walk and when we walked into town, we ate lobster rolls.

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11 replies

  1. I love the sailboat 😀


  2. That looks a beautiful coastline for a walk together!


  3. Nice! That is such a beautiful part of our New England landscape.


  4. oh this is just such a lovely walk, and bonus of great food too


    • Lobster has gotten (over-fishing) terribly expensive, so deciding “let’s just DO it” was almost like an adventure. I should have taken pictures in town. I thought we were going back later, but I should have known. The pictures you don’t take never are taken “later.” In photography, there is only NOW. Later? Maybe but as often as not, later never happens. I always tell new photographers to grab every picture before it gets away — and then I ignore my own very wise advice.


  5. How lovely, Marilyn. It is so nice that you and Garry are so happy together.


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