No, it’s not a fever about the election. It’s an actual fever, which I never run. I can’t even figure out why I’m running a fever. It’s like fever is the only symptom. Maybe it really is the election. This is “it” for me. I’m not paying any further attention to politics. I can’t fix it and I can’t even see a way to make it better.

It’s just been that kind of day

Meanwhile, our internet service provider decided to raise rates again. Why? All we get is access to a crappy phone we never use and wi-fi with frequent disconnection. We don’t get cable or any other services. So it turned out if we keep the phone (I wanted to get rid of it since all we get on it are spam and scam, but if we keep it (get this) — it will save us $25/month.

Okay, then.

So, aside from being in the middle of an election that will probably ruin any hope of democracy in this country, I’m also deeply aggravated with Charter/Spectrum. That’s not unusual, actually. I really hate them. Can you hate an ISP? If you can, I do. It’s completely impersonal. I want them to give me access to other options or actually improve enough to justify their raising prices. Because all we are getting is crap for a lot of money.

We are talking (are you ready?): $90 a month just for wi-fi and a useless VOIP phone that I don’t use and won’t answer.

So I don’t feel well and I’m really pissed off. AND we are in the middle of an election where the wrong side is going to win (probably) and this country will go down the tubes and take a lot of the rest of the world with it.

I think I have earned the right to be pissed off.

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  1. I completely agree with you. I’m surprised you haven’t gotten a headache, sooner, from all this political nonsense?

    You say “fever”…, which may indicate some inflammation somewhere? If you have any Turmeric in the house, either capsules or liquid, please take some soon. If not send Garry out to get some from a health food store, or Costco (carries Qunol brand which I like). Take some every day. Get some rest and let me know how things work out?

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    • I’m hoping this is going to go away by itself. I think I have swollen glands, so I’ve got some kind of infection going on but I really don’t want antibiotics if I can avoid them. They have their own physical side effects. But fever is very unusual for me. I don’t run fevers — like EVER. So when one pops up, I have to at least pay attention to it. Something’s going on.

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  2. I’ve been worrying about these elections of yours too. I know that the remaining two years of the Biden presidency it may be really difficult to effect any real changes. Such a waste of time, four years in government but so much of it wasted campaigning to keep enough members in the houses to get anything done or fighting to do anything at all. Give me the Westminster system any day even though it’s by no means perfect. It sounds as if you know who is talking up announcing he will run again and I’m very much afraid he will win and start such a reign of hatred and spite that America may take decades to recover.
    Yes, I think you can hate an ISP. I am so glad that our councils don’t lock us in to certain providers only. We still have crappy internet though. Naomi and I both think we have worse internet here than at our old homes even though there we had the older ADSL technology. NBN was supposed to bring everyone great free broadband. It’s fine when it works and in cities it mostly works pretty well but in this isolated neck of the woods, we have a lot of trees and not many people so all we get is fixed wireless. Sometimes it drops out right when we’re in the middle of doing something for no apparent reason. Although there are many providers there are only three that provide infrastructure, the rest buy bandwidth from them. The only one of the three that properly services rural areas like us is Telstra so if we don’t use them, we have to use a provider who uses their cables anyway. I doubt changing would improve anything except maybe the price. Naomi has just returned from a TransPacific cruise and she said the ship’s internet was better than ours! A friend of mine said she had heard of a report into internet services in isolated areas like us, because of national disasters a better service is really important. She seems to think that means we’ll get it fixed. I’m not such an optimist.

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    • It’s living in a rural area that’s the problem. We aren’t a big “lump of people” and they don’t bother to service the area. Watching the election last night (really interesting and not at ALL what was predicted) the cable dropped out three times — for NO reason and the third time I had to reboot the modem and router multiple times to get it back. All I want from them is STABLE service. That’s really what we all want. For the insane prices they charge, they could do better. Even a LITTLE better would help.

      Our elections were not what everyone (except me) expected. It was a huge surge of voters, one of the largest in 50 years. I thought there would be a bigger turnout but every “expect” said otherwise and after a while, I believed them because, after all, they had to know something I didn’t know. Except — they didn’t. Now to figure out what really happened and it going to be a few days or more until we know exactly who won and where. There were a lot of razor thin elections.

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      • That’s all I want too. I don’t need super fast internet I just need to be able to stream a TV program, upload posts and photos and receive phone calls without them dropping out. That is not a lot to ask. In the city nobody would put up with what we get routinely. I haven’t checked in on the election news yet today. Naomi and I are both recovering from Covid and taking our days rather easily but I am intrigued now to know what happened.

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      • Seems we are still stuck with all of those cocktail warriors who talk the talk but won’t walk the walk. And, then, they scratch their heads, wonder what went wrong and continue talking the talk.


    • Tas, I like your Westminster idea.

      How would you group some of the usual political animals who simply won’t go away?


      • In Tasmania, for state elections we use the Hare Clark system of Quotas. Some say that it is the most democratic method of vote distribution. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-21/hare-clark-electoral-system-explained/100062736
        For all elections we can choose to either vote by party or by individual candidate. I always choose the latter because I’d rather number 50 or more boxes and know that I chose them all than let the party decide where their preferences are going. We still get some terrible people elected but as the PM is the leader of the party with the most seats at least he/she ought to be able to achieve some of the things they promised unless it’s a hung parliament of course. Like I said Westminster isn’t perfect either but it kind of works.

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