CMMC: November Tangerine Orange Color

We are not short of orange during the month of October, but there’s nothing more tangerine colored than (are you ready?) tangerines. As you might predict, they are absolutely orange as are many or our maple trees, some chrysanthemums and a certain shade of sweet pepper.

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  1. Gorgeous oranges for this week 😀 😀

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    • We seem to have a thing here for tangerine/orange.

      Our jeep has a distinctive orange/tangerine color. You can spot it in a crowded parking lot.
      Yesterday, I made a brief shopping stop. Exiting, I spotted our jeep easily. But the alarm and keys didn’t work. Hey, it WAS our car. I did a quick 360 degree check of the lot. Mostly all black and blue squared off, boxy SUV’s. What? Eh?

      I tried another visual span after “our” car spurned me. Finally, at my “three o’clock”, I spotted another Orange/Tangerine jeep. I chugged over and, voila, it WAS ‘our’ car. Orange/tangerine hidden in a forest of dark colored vehicles. And, it SPARKLED orange/tangerine because we’d treated our car to a much needed bath the previous day. It may have even smelled a little fruity but that was probably just my imagination.

      Not my first rodeo.

      My very first car was a brand spanking new Dodge Challenger convertible. 1969. Fully loaded with lots of horsey power. The Orange/Tangerine rag top would become a legend on Long Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts — for more than 20 years – until it was time to say adieu. My Orange/tangerine rag top really was a legend on Boston streets. I think the color on a bright, sunny day just bedazzled people.


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