Walking in Cooperstown

For our 25th anniversary, we went to Cooperstown. It’s just alongside Otsego Lake and maybe 25 miles (give or take) south of the Adirondack Mountains. I planned it as a surprise for Garry who has two passions: movies and baseball.

Massachusetts is a small state, so the drive to upstate New York is short. About 4-1/2 hours and easy. We went off-season. It’s one of the great freedoms of retirement that you don’t have to take your vacations when everyone else takes them.

It was easy to find a place to stay and inexpensive. We had a view of the lake from our cabin. The museum was charming. Even better, the outskirts of Cooperstown was well-populated by Amish folk who made exquisite patchwork quilts. I bought a gorgeous one. Except I never use it because I’m afraid with the Duke sleeping on the bed (whether we like it or not) would ruin it. Dog claws on a handmade comforter didn’t seem the best idea. I gave it to my son, but he doesn’t use it either because he’s afraid he’ll ruin it.

I’m sure there’s a motto in this story. Maybe that there are some beautiful things that we should not buy because they are so beautiful and too fragile. All they do is make us worry about them.

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  1. Happy belated anniversary you two! What beautiful pictures and perspectives! You have an eye for beauty!


  2. stunning, what a fabulous place to go


  3. It was, I think, the best birthday present of my life. Thank you! Thank you!

    There was so much to enjoy — Cooperstown history and the Baseball HALL OF FAME. As a life long baseball fan, I’d dreamed about the Cooperstown visit for many years.

    I was a kid, again, roaming the baseball museum and revisiting all of my heroes . Best of all, the section on the Brooklyn Dodgers, the boys of summer of my youth.

    Thank you, again, Mrs. Armstrong!

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