They have forecast snow for tomorrow night and maybe Wednesday too. Not a lot, at least not this far south, but they will get a wallop up in Maine and in Canada as well as out west.

Garry dug a fine, narrow path through the snow but we hunkered down and wore sweaters. Photo: Garry Armstrong

This is our ” wake up, winter is here” snow. Usually, it’s just a few casual inches. Just a reminder. It’s the leading edge of winter to come. Best to walk now, while the ground isn’t slick with ice and maybe your boots can find a grip.

It’s a long, long driveway
On a blizzardy afternoon, walking inside is your best bet!

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  1. wow! This country would come to a full stop for weeks if we got this much snow overnight!!


  2. That makes sense — and sounds like it keeps everybody safe! I hope the winter is good to you — I can’t imagine getting 10 feet of snow (we’ll be lucky to get 10 inches of rain here!)>


  3. Great photos Garry and Marilyn 😀


  4. Brrr, I feel cold just looking at these! Luckily for me we’re unlikely to see snow here this side of Christmas and maybe not even at all!


  5. Blimey, snow in November 😮


    • I guess it isn’t too soon, though really, it isn’t so unusual. At least we didn’t get snow in October! We have gotten it as early as September, which is VERY inconvenient and breaks a lot of trees. The weight of snow on branches still heavy with leaves is very damaging. This time, at least, the trees are leafless, so they won’t break into pieces. But it is definitely getting cold minute by minute. Time to close windows and put on a sweater. I guess we are after all getting snow.

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  6. Hi Marilyn, we don’t get snow here. These pictures are remarkable.

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    • No snow here, either. Does that narrow line lead to the front door? It’s pretty, but it looks cold!


      • Yes indeed, directly to the front door.

        BUT. We don’t use the front door when there’s snow on the ground. We dig a long (but narrow) trench so the Duke has a way to use “his” facilities, but for people who don’t want to fall — which is ALL of us! — it’s dangerous and very slippery, so we all go in through the basement doors. We have the driveway plowed in the winter and because its EXPENSIVE (very!), we always hope we won’t get a lot of snow. Also, unless we plow out the driveway, we can’t get any deliveries and that’s a big problem ESPECIALLY in the winter.

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    • I wish snow was a bit less remarkable here. Our issue is usually not whether or not we will get snow, but how MUCH snow. One years we got more then ten feet. The following year we didn’t get any. Very strange weather in ye olde New England!


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