We live in the woods. You might say we are always walking in the woods, though in October, for at least 10 days of it, we were walking through the most outrageous and awesome woods I’ve ever seen.

Photo: Garry Armstrong
Photo: Garry Armstrong
At home when autumn is ending

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  1. You guys sure have had a great autumn 😀


    • It was short — not even two weeks — but WOW! The color came up overnight and we had 10 days of astounding color — and then all the leaves fell down and it was over. I have been told that was because of the drought and getting rain at the last minute. If we hadn’t gotten rain, we wouldn’t have had autumn. The leaves would have turned brown and fallen off the trees. They almost did. They were beginning to turn brown and curly — and then, finally, it rained. We were lucky.

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  2. noone seems to be able to resist a walk in the woods


  3. You live in a beautiful area, Marilyn.


    • Thank you. We do appreciate it. There are MANY things wrong with this area — including poverty, low employment, bad cops, and a sense that the “important people” in Boston ignore us. BUT they also leave us alone, so whatever we are missing, the beauty makes up for a lot.


  4. Gorgeous time spend with the nature.


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