I had to call the doctor today. I was feeling really lousy and I was beginning to get the feeling it was going to be like this forever. Of course, now Garry feels the same way and I think Owen isn’t feeling great either, so I suppose that just confirms that we “have something” and it isn’t just my body doing its thing.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

So I said: “Am I ever going to feel better or am I always going to feel like this?”

“You’re always going to feel like that,” he assured me.

I thanked him. “I appreciate your support.”

“No problem,” he said. “I love supporting my patients.”

Oddly enough, after that, I did feel better if not physically, then at least mentally. It’s good to have a doctor with a sense of humor, isn’t it?

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  1. Sounds like your doctor doesn’t just have a sense of humour, he’s clever too! But seriously, I hope you all feel better soon 🤗


    • Thank you. He is clever and very forward-thinking. Probably the best doctor we’ve had in YEARS. Many years.

      At this point, I’m waiting for my body to decide to feel better. The older you get, the slower your body works. But, on a very positive note, last night I slept a full 7 hours and I feel surprisingly much better. Apparently sleep helps.

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  2. Yes, a sense of humor helps. I hope you feel better. Hugs 🥰


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