CBWC: Seating for more than one

I’m sure I have some sofa pictures somewhere and some of them are surely in black & white. But — I don’t know how to find them. The database of photos at WordPress doesn’t let you see what’s there. You just get a few pictures and you can’t necessarily get the same pictures a second time. I’m tired of fighting with it and weary of wishing WordPress would just once make things easier rather than harder.

Photo: Garry Armstrong
Black & White

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  1. I think the people in Garry’s photo are saying, “that bench is so far away” 😀 😀 Great photos you two 😀


    • I think you are right. It was a very long walk from where they were to the benches. Since then, they have spread them out a bit so there are more places to sit and change a lens without trying to do it “airborne.”

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