Blogging Insights NF # 61 – Distraction

So. Here’s the quote:

I have never been distracted by the internet. I’ve been distracted by life. Illness. Moving. Remodeling. Major life changes that fall out of the sky. Reading a book too interesting to stop and just wanting to read one more chapter. The distraction was part of what I like to call “reality.”

It’s just that kind of world

Sometimes I stay up late deleting old emails. Not reading them. Just deleting them. Emptying out the endless trough of incoming emails from every place with whom I’ve ever done business, every Democrat running for something somewhere and, of course bad and worse news from around the globe. Some of that news is so horrible I couldn’t even scan the entire article without feeling like death was stalking me. Ye gods, what is wrong with people? Humanity sucks rotten eggs and we don’t deserve this lovely planet. But I digress.

When I’m ready to write, I do it. I don’t get writer’s block. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing because I’ve been writing my entire life, quite literally since I was old enough to hold a pencil and put words on a piece of paper and I’m 75 and tired. I get occasionally rebellious and decide I want to watch a movie or a TV show or edit some pictures. So although I might choose to not write, it won’t be because I’m watching cat and dog videos on YouTube or Twitter.

I think maybe some young people might be that seriously drawn to the internet and frankly, not even most of them. I’ve watched my granddaughter lose interest first in the phone and eventually all social media.

I was dubious about social media from its onset. All the things I was afraid would happen on social media have happened. All the evil we do has become part of every social media platform. Humanity seems to have a central well of ugliness that’s gone out of control. The internet has sucked it all up. It’s the bleak, sordid heart of social media.

I won’t be distracted by the internet. I might be distracted by other things including the people I love, birds, flowers, rivers and whatever I can salvage of what remains that’s beautiful. I’m pretty sure there’s absolutely nothing on the internet that’s beautiful. Not in our current reality.

Please note that I absolutely USE the internet for blogging and research and a lot of day-to-day chores, but that’s not distraction. That’s just how the world rolls and I’m actually really pleased with the research abilities of the internet. But “social” media? Is it social? Is it media?

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  1. That was a very interesting post, Marilyn. I loved reading it.
    I’ve been thinking of ending Blogging Insights but if it can set a person like you thinking then it’s probably worth continuing……


  2. I get distracted by the internet at times. When I write a top ten or twenty list I look for trailers or music videos to fit. Sometimes I am there too long trying to find the correct version. I call it entertainment rather than a distraction. This Fall I probably looked at a half dozen versions of Autumn Leaves rather than use one of the ones I have used in the past, Andy Williams, Roger Williams, or Nat King Cole. YouTube is more likely to distract me than Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, although I use all three.
    Facebook has lost its way; Instagram is for pictures and short videos. Twitter has brought back all the haters and trolls and fired all the people there to moderate content. Musk is ruining what was a good thing. The right article at the right time with the right # (hashtag) could pick up a lot of support. I don’t know if that will continue.
    I do a lot of research online for various articles. That often causes me to read more news articles than I may use. I don’t call that distraction, but education. Something some orange and red politicians could use, but I digress.


    • I consider that extended research. I look for a song and I find 20 other and then Garry starts to listen and we waste some time remembering songs we loved. All research. Actually, a lot of that pops up on blogs too. The songs are so interesting and occasionally memorable they get me writing in that direction. And okay, some of the videos are really interesting.

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  3. It’s not social when people simply regurgitate memes, which is what most of fb is like now. I left twitter and good riddance!


    • There are a lot of valid, useful ways for the internet to work and that was what it was supposed to be. It was not supposed to be a giant hole for everyone to express how much they hate everyone else. It would have been a great tool when I was in college — but of course, it effectively didn’t exist except between universities and even that was very limited. Now, you can look up almost anything. It is misused more than it is well used and that’s a pity. It should be making life easier, not harder.

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  4. A necessary evil, useful sometimes, but a pleasure… never!


    • Necessary, but it does save a lot of driving around. As we have grown older, ordering has been a life saver — and of course, you can’t do ANYTHING involving the government of Mass. if you DON’T have a computer. Everything is online. It’s also a lot easier then going to the library — and there’s a lot more information when you are trying to research something. But that’s not “social media.” That’s just how life rolls in 2022.

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  5. You make a good point about using internet for information that we use in blogging

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