This is a flashback Friday on Wednesday – a typical “Thanksgiving” snow. A little bit of white stuff. Gone in a few hours. A warning of more to come.

Early snow reminds us to find the shovels and hope we can find someone to dig us out if we get really buried later in the season. Right now, it’s not quite cold enough for snow to stick around, but it will be tonight. Nights have been much colder than days.

Like powdered sugar dropped on our cake, the world is lightly covered in white. It’s not the real deal and will be gone by afternoon. Not enough to shovel or even to disrupt traffic, but it’s the bell you hear that warns you to get to class now. Winter is on the way. Shake out the sweaters, find last year’s boots and coats. It’s coming. For now, it’s just a nudge, a suggestion, a hint.

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