Autumn walks

Oh the glories of Autumn as we shiver our way into winter. It’s cold. Not as cold as it will be, but cold enough. I can feel the cold seeping through my sweat pants. Why do we call them “sweat pants” when their function is to keep you warm? Well, never mind. It’s cold enough for me to feel it through two or three layers of warm clothing.

Stroll across the stone bridge or walk across the wooden bridge. You can get there by the path along the Canal. One path goes through three parks, so remember where you left your car.

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  1. Beautiful photos from your walk 😀


    • Thank you. We did walk a lot along the river this year. We were out almost every day for the entire 10 days of Autumn. I had this feeling that if we didn’t grab it, it was going to scurry away.

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  2. beautiful, I’d wander here for hours


    • We do. You can literally wander along the canal on this same path for miles past the parks and past farms and horse farms. If you are a good walker, every turn in the path is a whole new vista. I have fallen in love with the valley and the river and the canal.

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  3. It still looks pretty. Three layers of clothing, gosh. That would be our three to four weeks of very cold weather mid winter.


  4. Such beautiful and color rich pictures



  1. Never stop walking – The life of B
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