I just spent the past couple of hours trying to find out why the technician from Spectrum/Charter didn’t show up. Why they have a phone number under my name that was disconnected more than 15 years ago. As far as I know, no one is using that number or, if they are, it ain’t us.

I want a new modem. Our modem is old. It overheats. It gets so hot you could cook on it. Despite the heat, I do not cook on my modem. You see, they can’t send us a modem without checking our service and whether or not — in their opinion — we need a modem.

I said: “Madam, we have been working with your company for 22-years. This modem was used when we got it and it overheats. I don’t think, after all the money we’ve paid you in 22 years, that it should be a big issue asking for a new one.” She explained they couldn’t guarantee giving us a new one. We were more likely to get another used one which might be worse than the one we already have. Which would defeat the whole point of this conversation.

“What is the point?” I asked. “I already have an old, used one. Why can’t you just send one in the mail and we will attach it?”

This is probably my sixth phone call to Spectrum-Charter and I have yet to make any progress in (A) finding out how much I owe them, (B) Why I never get a paper statement (C) No, I did NOT ask for paperless billing and (D) Explaining I didn’t cancel the tech visit because I just spent the day waiting for the tech who didn’t show up. Who is more likely to be lying?

We moved on.

Sadly, this endless conversation, which had been previously interrupted by three or four long holds while someone tried to get in touch with someone else and didn’t, is neverending. Finally, I said I was tired. I wanted to watch TV. Eat some banana bread. Maybe just go buy a damned modem.

I was feeling punch drunk so I finally said “Have a great holiday” and hung up. This was after assuring me that someone would be calling me any minute. No one called. No, wait, a text. With an appointment. For next December 7, 2022 at 8 am. I think these people are going to drive me over that tipping point between sanity and madness. I can feel the tentacles of crazy reaching for my frontal lobes.

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  1. What terrible customer service! Are you not able to switch to a better company?


  2. Ahh, the malevolent incompetence of the world…


    • Hey, how ARE you? I was going to call, but then I realized the tech never showed up and today I got involved in cleaning, cooking and for some obscure reason, repotting plants. Now I’m too tired to do anything, including eat. There’s an awful lot of food.

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  3. They sound like a truly horrible company. I’m so sorry you have to deal with them.

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    • No one is sorrier than I am. They are really BAD. They were never great but they used to make an effort occasionally. Now, they don’t even “try” to act like they care about their customers.

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  4. Xfinity/Comcast , my ISP, keeps telling me I’m entitled to have new equipment (i.e., modem and router) every three years. But mine is fine, it doesn’t get hot, and I don’t want to chance replacing something that works fine with something that might not.


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