I used to read Tarot cards and do horoscopes. I quit. But…

Antique Chinese porcelain “astrological” signs

I did the readings for free and had limits on what I’d tell anyone. I expected people to abide by them. I would not read anything for children and was even dubious about very young adults. They had a life to live and I did not want to tell them things which might “come true” simply because I’d said them. Also, I would never tell anyone if I could see their death.


I know there is a strong spiritual element to Tarot and astrology. I know I was a good reader — especially horoscopes. I was best reading for people I’d never met when all I knew was when they were born. Tarot was more specific than horoscopes (for me), which was a problem. Too many people wanted horoscopes for themselves and very often, for their children or for someone with whom they were having or planning to have, an extra-marital affair. I hated being a part of a cheater’s plans.


No matter how many times I said I won’t read for children (much less newborns), it went in one ear and out the other. Rather like a TV cop show where they tell someone to “stay in the car.” Except — NO ONE ever stays in the car.

Babies and children don’t need parents who think they know the future. The hovering parental thing is bad enough. I wasn’t willing to give them even more ammunition.

They didn’t want spiritual understanding. They wanted to know what was would happen and with whom — or whether or not some business plot would make them rich. The problem is, when you “see” something, interpreting what it means may be very different than the way you see it. It’s all interpretation. 


I had a friend who was a brilliant astrologer. She was my reader and I was hers. She told me (I was living in Israel) that I would write many books, but I would not stay in Israel. I was going to leave and resume life overseas. She was right about the books. She didn’t know what kind of books they would be, but she was right. There were dozens of books I’d write over the next 30 years. She saw I would break up with my then-husband who she referred to as “that beast” (he sorta was). I was also pretty sure you didn’t need a horoscope to figure it out. She met him. Hated him. Asked me how I could live with him. I didn’t have an answer.

She didn’t tell me it would take almost four years of international wrangling to finalize the divorce or that I would lose so much of what I cared about in the process. I suspect she saw it — she was so sharp — but kept it to herself. There are things you don’t say. Especially not to a friend.

She did tell me that I would find the man I would love for the rest of my life and and I would find him soon. Sure enough, Garry was there from the get-go and ever since.

She served pork chops for dinner. I asked her how she knew I wasn’t Kosher and she said it was obvious that I was not traditionally religious. Or traditionally anything. She said the thing she didn’t know was if I was a vegetarian. That would have fit the profile too, but she went with the pork chops because she liked them. The non-religious kibbutzim grew amazing pigs and the best pork. They weren’t called pigs. They called them “friends.”


Back in the US, I continued reading but I had started to say “no” more often then yes. Too many people were poking at me to read. I would not charge. I didn’t want this to become a profession. Did I mention that Garry would never let me read for him? To this day, never. He preferred to take his chances without foreknowledge.

I also couldn’t read the underlying spiritual meanings without reading real events too. You get bundles of information which you mentally tweeze apart. In the end, I decided not reading at all was better for everyone.

I had a long history with astrology and Tarot. I’m glad I quit. Every once in a while I get a little mental tweak, but I’m good at resisting. Mostly. Every once in a while, I take a quick peak, but I don’t read for people — for free or otherwise.

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  1. I’ve never had a horoscope or Tarot reading. I must admit to being curious but I’m not sure if I want to know the future even now.
    Several years ago Naomi did have a Tarot reading. She went to a lady who had never met her before. She told Naomi that the things she saw covered a span of about five years.
    In hindsight the most interesting things she told Naomi was that she would move to a very small town. Naomi was thinking of moving although she did not mention this and at the time she was considering moving to Launceston, a city larger than Oatlands where she was living. Yet, within the five years we bought the house in Sisters Beach which is so tiny you can’t even call it a town. That lady must have known something.


    • It’s amazing what you can see if you know how to read. I don’t think these readings have any religious implications at all … and I really don’t know why they work. But they do. Garry won’t let me read for him. Owen is curious, but not curious enough to ask me to do it for him. And you can’t “read” for yourself. When it’s your own chart, you’re too “involved” to do anything sensible.

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