Blogging Insights – NF # 62 : Intuition

What do you need to be a writer? This one offers you just one sentence: intuition. Well, hot flash. I takes a bit more than intuition.

Far be it for me to denigrate intuition. Certainly the art of writing requires intuition, but it needs a few other things too. Like talent: the ability to write an engaging story that will grip you reader. A better than average command of the langage. Determination to finish the job.

If intuition was all it takes to be a writer, there’s be a lot more of us gainfully employed or contracted with a publisher and maybe, a shelf full of best-sellers.

These one-sentence explanations of “this is all you need to know” are silly. You need to know a lot of different things and above all, you need talent. Which is a gift. If you have it, you know it. If you don’t, you probably suspect you don’t have it, but you think you can outwit “the fates.”

You can’t.


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  1. HI Marilyn, imagination and creativity are needed to write, I think. That is the heart of creative writing talent. I like a book to be unique and not that many are. Thanks for this post.


    • Creativity is the one element missing EVEN among many otherwise talented writers. I can’t count how many books I’ve read that are another version of Lord of the Rings with just a few name changes and without the appendices. Science fiction is getting terribly generic and it was the one area where you could find originality.

      As a reader of many books over many years, it’s not hard to see the long slide into ordinariness of many major genres. I often wonder if that’s because of the publishing houses who want everything to be just like the last book that sold well.

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      • HI Marilyn, you are exactly right about the publishing houses. It is because of their motivation to make money and risk aversion. That is why all the traditionally published books are the same now and I don’t read any of them. I only read classics and Indie books.


  2. Very well said.
    ‘Only’ this or ‘only’ that is a very simplistic view.


  3. Lol, well said Marilyn


  4. “this is all you need to know”–quickly followed by ‘let me give you one good piece of advice.’ If it was only that simple.


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