Actually I sold two in October and they were hard-copies, so I got almost $3.00. This month, it was a European online sale because I made $0.29. I know I also sold one in Japan, but I didn’t get a payment for it so it might have been a loaner.

I’m not sure what this proves except that there are people in strange places who for some reason buy my book. I hope they enjoy it because it has been on the market for 14 years. Gee golly whiz and sometimes, for no special reason, someone actually BUYS one.

Talk about magic! This IS magic.

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  1. Holy Doodle!
    I can’t even give any of my stuff away.


  2. You business Typhoons amaze me…?


  3. I have one, only the digital copy though. Sell another book this month and you might be able to buy another turkey!


    • All the food is on sale this week. From steak to chicken thighs, everything is half price or less. We bought as much as our freezers will hold. This is one of the few time I wished we had our old chest freezer 🔙 again. It held tons of food. But anything at the bottom got buried. When we finally cleaned it out and the electric company bought it back, we discovered decade-old turkeys crusted in permafrost at the bottom.


      • That’s why I never wanted a chest freezer. Someone short like me would practically have to climb inside to reach the bottom. We have an upright freezer which I like much better.


  4. interesting how marketing and sales work


    • Everything was insanely high — but now that Thanksgiving (he ultimate foodie holiday) is over, everything is on sale for prices I haven’t seen in years. It would be a great time to stock up if ONLY we had a bit more room1

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  5. I bought one too, I think a couple of months back


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