For the past couple of years, COVID stole our season. This year, it’s a double whammy of not feeling well and inflation. The inflation isn’t based on anything real, mind you. The actual price of a barrel of oil hasn’t changed nor has the actual cost of electricity. It’s greed and price gouging, pure and simple. So I thought I’d go back a few years to remember how it was. Let’s hope it gets better.

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  1. I find myself doing Christmas less and less every year. I’m speaking about gift giving. (I have no money this year anyway.) But I find more and more people doing the same (sane) thing: NO GIFTS please. I used to spend a pile of money and TIME shopping. I just can’t do it anymore. The only thing that is important to me is the Christmas Dinner with family and friends. That is the only thing I can’t do without.

    I do wish all a very Merry Christmas and Good Tidings.

    But I do that every day. Hope it’s going to be good for you and Family Marilyn.


  2. For the last two years, Christmas was not much. I seem to have a lot of pictures from 2019.


  3. never forget the good times


  4. All we can do is remember the good times, Marilyn…


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