We said we needed a new modem. Charter said we didn’t. I finally convinced someone in the tech department to at least make sure the guy came with a new one loaded on the truck.

Voila! It took a little convincing, but finally, we’re getting 320 mbs download speed and it stopped dropping out. It turns out? We needed (gasp with shock!) a new modem. The old one couldn’t handle the new higher speeds — which is what we had been telling them for weeks and they kept saying we were wrong.

Golly gee whiz. Somehow, despite the overall ignorance of their customer service staff, they managed to figure it out anyway. Or really, we did and they decided to just see if maybe we might be right. They hate giving out new equipment. Unless the old one doesn’t work at all, a new one is almost forbidden. But, after 22 years with this same company, I thought this is the first time we’ve ever gotten new equipment from them. Everything else we got was got was used including the current modem.

Of course now that we’ve cut the cord for cable, the only thing we still get from them is wi-fi so the modem is the single piece of equipment of theirs we have or probably will ever have.

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  1. O ‘m gosh. I have spent endless hours trying to communicate with robots that only are programmed for the easy answers. After more than two months I finally convinced several robots to connect me with a human and can finally charge my laptop up again. The seller said my warranty was up and the insurance company said I was still under manufacturers warranty, the manufacturer has a robot that has a foreign accent and can’t understand English. I was ready to toss it all in the river but finally got through to someone somewhere, after telling the robot to — well, I shouldn’t say that here. Anyway, I now have a usable laptop that is fully charged again.
    Most of the time when dealing with the cable company though I can get them here to check it out within 24 hours. Not sure how many new modems they have brought me over the years, but it seems like at least one each year. I must be doing something right, or maybe I just sound desperate to them.


  2. Ah the joy of convincing helpdesk people that you might know as much, if not more than the spreadsheet of options they gave before them,
    I bet that at least once, you wanted to reach down the phone and throttle someone. A common side effect of calling helpdesks! 🤣🤣🤣

    (Written whilst sat with phone to ear, listening to musak and the repeated phrase, “thanks for waiting, your call is important to us, please hold”)


    • I sometimes let things go because I just can’t sit on the phone with another person who doesn’t have a clue what I’m try to tell them and is working from a script they don’t understand and can’t grasp that other people actually DO understand. It has made getting help worse than tossing it away. If only tossing it weren’t so expensive!


  3. Modems are not that expensive. What a stingy lot!


  4. That’s good Marilyn.


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