My nemesis, Charter-Spectrum has decided we need to return the ancient dead modem we had. The only problem? The technician took it when he left. Why they want it is baffling. It’s more than a dozen years old and it doesn’t work.

Old one, new one

Which they know because that’s why we have a new modem. Oddly, even though we practically had to shake down the tech to get him to replace the old with the new, it’s a huge improvement. We aren’t having all those little outages. Which they had assured us had nothing to do with our having an ancient modem that wasn’t suitable for the faster wi-fi we are getting.

What do they plan to do with it? Museum?

This is the second letter from them threatening to charge us for UNRETURNED EQUIPMENT if we fail to produce the old modem. I called them about this twice (so far) and each time, I’m was assured it has been taken care of except next day or the day after, another letter arrives with a threat in bigger letter — and in terrifying scarlet! It’s only a matter of bizarre curiosity that makes me wonder how much they would charge us for an ancient, dysfunctional modem.

Meanwhile Garry got his very own iPhone. It is a 12 mini. Then I ordered the Otterbox case and a magnetic charger. Owen had a spare screen protector. No one includes the 20-volt power adapter you need to make your charger work, I had a couple in my night table draw. Both were left over from two Kindles I bought and neither was ever used. I think I’m now officially at ground zero for spare 20-volt power adapters. Or maybe not.

Garry is officially part of the 21st century with his own iPhone and soon, new hearing aid. Only one aid. His “good ear” has stopped being good. He can’t hear anything in it, even with an aid. In theory he could have the surgery (again) for the other ear, but I think (like me), he’s had enough surgery. As he said: “I’ve been living with one working ear for a while. It’ll do.”

I got the refund from Mint Mobile. This put my balance back where it belongs, so I spend part of the day buying stuff. Not exciting stuff. A bathroom scrubber. Cellulose sponges and Swedish cellulose dish rags which can be washed. When they are finally too beat up to use, they can be tossed in a composter. If you have one. We do not have a composter because we have acres of woods which effectively are a huge composter in which oak trees grow.

Last Saturday I opened a bar of bird suet and it appeared to be moving. It can be difficult to tell if it’s moving or my vision is wonky.

It was definitely moving with little white worms crawling around. Yecch, I said. I opened another and it too had it little white worms. The entire box was full of wormy suet bars. I was going to throw them out, but Owen pointed out that the birds would think this was fresh meat for their winter barbeque. In the end, they got maybe a dozen 11-ounce bars of suet.

Ever since, it has been party hearty on the back forty. The doves hired a band. Every bird that likes bugs — other than finches — are out there. I’m glad they are enjoying it because suet is expensive. The bugs in it are supposed to be dead, not moving.

Life in the country has inured me to accepting many things that would have totally grossed me out before we moved here. Now, I get it. Worms are food. Not my food, but yummy for our feathery friends. Probably also food for the fat woodchuck who lives under the hedge.

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  1. Now, if they charge you for the modem, let me know, how much? Its ridiculous! I cannot believe the stupidity of charter!
    Tell garry to enjoy the new IPhone!


  2. Your ISP is a nightmare organisation if you can call them that. They obviously don’t talk to their own people. A few years ago I gave up Foxtel, our cable service as I was barely watching it. That left me with a satellite dish and a set top box. They didn’t want the dish back and when they found that my box was one of the old ones from a company that they had bought out they didn’t want that either. It was just another piece of tech I had to dispose of myself.


    • They didn’t want it either. They were just not paying ANY attention to me OR their tech. They really ARE a nightmare and not our alone. If you can really hate a company, that’s the one. They are really awful.


  3. HI Marilyn, sometimes when I read your posts, I think America is a little mad and I’m glad I live in South Africa. Why are they hounding you if the technician took the old modem, they need to follow up with him. I think Garry is wise to avoid surgery, it always brings its new troubles. I love the pictures and laughed at the moving suet bars.


    • I got a note from this morning telling me they’ve taken care of it. I told them last night that I was going to report them for harassment if I heard ONE more word from them.

      The surgery for hearing isn’t generally a big deal but after a certain age, ALL surgery is a big deal. I wouldn’t do it either. At this stage in my life, it would have to be truly life/death to get me in for surgery — and depending on what’s going on, even that might not do it. I’ve been sliced and diced too many times and I’m pretty much done with it.

      The suet bars are kind of an icky white gunk anyway, so seeing the little white worms on the white gooey base was a close-vision eye test for me. I hope the rest of the suet isn’t bad too. I suppose I’ll find out.

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  4. My birds go through a block a week and about a pound of seed not to mention another six suet seed balls for the feeders. The colder weather has made them far more dependent on my efforts


    • I think mine eat about 3 pounds of seeds a day plus I have three suet feeders, but the suet lasts three or four days — sometimes longer — IF we bring the suet feeders inside at night. If we leave them outside, the raccoons eat everything. We had a friend on the other side of the road that fed the birds too, but he died and all his birds are now my birds.

      We had almost 3 months of no rain here. The result is that there’s not much natural food in the woods this winter. Nothing much grew or bloomed. The birds and squirrels ate the holly. The deer ate the flowers while skunks ate the bulbs. I won’t have to worry about the garden anymore.

      We spend a ton of money on birdseed. I had to make the decision to use only small feeders to keep the big birds (doves and blue jays) away and limit munching by the big grey squirrels. I would feed everything if I could afford it, but I can’t. We toss lots of veggies out onto the back lawn where the fat woodchuck, squirrels, chipmunks, doves, crows, and other creatures chow down.

      I don’t know why bird seed should be so expensive. I figure it’s part of the “let’s jack up prices” thing. I’m of the opinion that most inflation is old-fashioned greed with a fancy name. They can get away with it, so they do.


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