Always a great anecdote for the holiday season! Also, may I add that Stewart’s books are not only good, but exceptionally relevant these days, probably even more relevant than they were at the time of their writing. “Earth Abides” is one of my favorite books, but all of his books are amazing and absolutely worth reading.

the EARTH ABIDES project


For many of my friends It’s a Wonderful Life   is the Christmas movie.   They, and George R. Stewart fans, will be interested in the connection between that classic film and Stewart. George R. Stewart – and another Stewart – spent their boyhoods in a town that was one of the inspirations for “Bedford Falls.”

George R. Stewart was raised in Indiana, Pennsylvania, where his mother’s family lived.  His maternal grandfather, Andrew Wilson,  planned to be a teacher and even helped found a school nearby (which would eventually become the prestigious Kiski School).  But he couldn’t earn enough to support his family so he went into the mercantile business.  He  had a hand in a hardware store there, owned by another Stewart.  That Stewart’s son was James Stewart, also raised in Indiana, PA.

George and Jimmy bore a remarkable resemblance to each other.  With all their similarities in family history…

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  1. I had no idea what it was about until about 5 years ago. Talk about a protected childhood!


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