CBWC: Close Ups

My favorite models, a little bird and a enthusiastically barking dog. The dog is my number 1 close up model because no matter what I try to do photographically, he’ll be close up instantly. I think he wants to use the camera himself!

Black & White

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  1. Great pictures, I love B&W photos.
    Garry is displaying a rather stoic grin as he poses for the camera!


  2. Wonderful close ups for this week. Thanks for playing Marilyn 😀 😀


    • It was fun. Sometimes, I have to decide whether something is or isn’t a close up. It’s pretty close, but is it close enough? Often I decide based on what I was thinking when I took the picture, but a lot of photos can go either way.

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  3. You take very good photos. Is the handsome gentleman your spouse? His face suggests he has a good sense of humor and that he loves smiling, but maybe, not for a camera as much.


    • You got him pegged. He does like smiling, but he doesn’t like still cameras. He LOVES movie cameras because he worked as a TV reporter for 40 years. He’s comfortable with motion but not with having to stay put. Getting him to sit on the ground helped. It’s hard to look grim while sitting on the roots of a maple tree 😀


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