FOTD – December 21 – THE NEW ORCHID

Garry went and got me the one thing I’m delighted to have this Christmas: a new orchid. It’s a lovely shade of light apple green and it looks like it has been well treated. I took a few picture today, but the light was very low. I’ll have to take some new ones tomorrow in better light. Meanwhile, here’s just one from today. More to come!

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  1. Beautiful Marilyn 😀


  2. So pretty. I don’t know what edit you used, Marilyn, but it suits this flower perfectly. Garry–you are a gem.


    • It’s all Photoshop (standard). All my older filters died when PCs changed their architecture for Windows 11. I had to play with this a lot to get it to look okay. It was pretty dark when I took the original picture.

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      • I don’t have Lightroom or Photoshop. Are they hard to work with? Well, at least PS?


        • It depends on what you are doing with it. I use MAYBE 5% of the capabilities of Photoshop. BUT I use it as the “legs” of other filter that work with PS, at the moment Topaz but I’ve use other filter and all of them use “photoshop legs.” What I use most of the time are cropping, straightening, brighten-darken, contrast, color, like saturation, making white look white and not blue. I sometimes use “internal” versions of copy/paste and a few other things, though rarely do I use a lot of these at one time. When I don’t need processing, I don’t use it.

          Processing is best used delicately and often when the picture has problems, usually because it’s too dark, too bright, or the color came out “off” for one reason or another. Most pictures I take outdoors are fine. I don’t like flash and especially in the winter when the light fades early, a lot of pictures need a little extra help.

          Is it hard? If you are using it minimally, not so much. If you want to use to maximum effect? It can do many things I don’t do — and to be fair, have not tried doing. Also, all that processing takes a of time and I don’t want to spend so many hours working on a picture unless it’s something special.

          A lot of schools give night courses in photoshop. I’ve never taken one. What I know I’ve picked up along the way.

          The thing about PS is not how much you do with it. It’s what it doesn’t do which is damage your photographs. It’s very non-destructive compared to anything else I’ve used — and that’s why I use it.

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          • Marilyn–thank you so much for all this information.


            • I’m always willing to share information. It’s one of the best things about blogging. If you are thinking about PS, you might want to take a look at Adobe Elements which is Photoshop “Light.”

              The problem with Photoshop is it isn’t as good as it should or could be, but no one has created anything better. With all its flaws — and there are a lot of them — no one has created anything better or as good. Elements, which is Photoshop minimized — does most of the things you use most in PS. If I didn’t have other filters which really only work with PS, that’s what I’d use. It does most of the things you need and it is a LOT less expensive.

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