FOTD – December 22 – A Green Orchid with Polka-dots

I had to re-pot this beauty this morning. It was, believe it or not, too big for the pot it came in. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a rootbound orchid. It was literally halfway up and out of its pot. Good thing I happened to have the right-sized pot and orchid potting soil. It perked up a lot after repotting. Its original pot was more elegant, but this one is the right size and has proper drainage. I will need to add more dirt because it has settled, but that can wait a little while.

I think you can actually see how much it has perked up since I photographed it yesterday. Amazing how happy orchids are when they aren’t crushed into a too-small pot.

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  1. It’s beautiful and so unusual in green! I hope it stays that way! Mine (which is pinkish purple) is starting to form little buds; once they bloom, they stay for six months. I love orchids!


  2. How beautiful – I love that shade of green!


    • I love it too — at least as a flower. It’s a color that makes me look like death, so I have to admire it from afar. It’s also a rather unusual flower color. Except for (wild) Solomon’s Seal, I don’t know any other flower that blooms in this color. I hope it wasn’t done by injecting dye into the plant. That’s become so common that I immediately suspect it when I see an unusual flower color. You nurse a plant of one color, but when it comes back the next year, it’s white. I’d love it if this one stayed lime-green 😀

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