CBWC: Shadows and Reflections

I have lots of shadows and reflections. I admit I prefer color reflections rather than black & white, but shadows? Black and white is wonderful for shadows and the best are shadows on snow.

Black & White

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  1. Wonderful photos for this week’s shadows and reflections 😀


    • Thank you, Cee. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking for, but I selected a couple of dozen pictures and then picked out the ones I thought were the better ones for shadows. Reflections were more difficult, but at least a found a couple I liked. Happy whatever-you-celebrate 😀

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  2. I would have thought I would agree with you about reflections looking better in colour but that shot of the old stone bridge proves both of us wrong!


    • I actually picked that for the shadow under the bridge, though now that I look again, I can see there is some reflection.

      I’m totally in love with your sunrise over the Himalaya photos. They are stunning, some of the best shots I’ve ever seen. They deserve framing. Are you getting my comments? I never can tell if they’ve gone through or not. I never see them and because I don’t know where they have gone, I usually don’t comment because I think I’m blocked. Let me know if you ARE getting them, ok?

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