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  1. I loved Fiedler’s Sleigh Ride! Used to polka to it around my living room when I was a kid. The Pops had more zip than Leroy Anderson, I have always thought. Thanks for that!


  2. The Boston Pops is the best for the Fourth of July and Christmas. We don’t seem to get them on Christmas anymore. In fact, our PBS station runs more dramas and fewer Christmas concerts than it used to. They did have a Christmas concert yesterday from my alma mater, DePaul University.

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    • We used to get free tickets, but that ended in 2014. The price for a ticket is crazy expensive. The problem with everything is that so many people don’t get “regular” TV anymore. A lot of stuff isn’t broadcast these days.

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      • I refuse to pay for any more streaming services or additional channels. I have hundreds now.


        • We have an antenna that takes care of the local channel and at least 50 others. We get 67 channels on the antenna. Otherwise, we have Disney, Prime (because we have Prime anyway), HBOMax, Paramount, a few cheapies from Roku each being less than $3/month. We don’t have Netflix. I refuse to add any more channels. If we add one, we have to delete another. The price of wi-fi alone is ridiculous. As people have cut the cable, they just raised the price of base services. It costs for JUST wi-fi — no TV or telephone — more than it used to cost for the whole package. Also, because we are rural, we can’t have any choice about who we use. The town made a “deal.” I assume in my language we would call it a bribe because it’s not much of a deal from our point of view!

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          • For many years we had only one choice for cable, but now we have two. There are so many free apps on the smart TV in the bedroom that I really wish I had a smart tv in the living room. We get a few exta things through the BluRay player and it my choice if I watch a series on YouTube.
            I get a lot of channels through the air including a couple from NW Indiana


  3. Love this. Would have loved to see this played life. I can see myself on a sleigh ride but all lovely snow is gone with heavy rain. Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

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    • We didn’t get snow, one of the few places that got a LOT of rain instead. It was torrential with wind. The real COLD didn’t show up until the rain had stopped, so we managed to get very wet but not icy. Phew!


  4. I love sleigh ride!
    Merry Christmas to you and family! X

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    • And from us to you and yours! Sleigh Ride is my favorite of their pieces, though I used to love their concerts back when …

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      • Truly, the sound of music.

        I recall my first Boston Pops Christmas Concert – somewhere back in time, the very early 70’s.

        Arthur Fiedler, surely a Santa look alike, conducted — dressed as Claus Clause. Fiedler, a noted chaser of fires, had a fire helmet at his feet, ready to dash off when/if the first alarm was sounded.

        Back in the college radio days, Leroy Anderson’s “Sleigh Ride” was a frequent play in this season of good tidings.

        Ho! Ho! Ho!

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