And now we wait for winter to end …

While the rest of the country had bitter temperatures and heavy snow, we got torrential rains and hurricane-level winds. Our warmer weather lingered a couple of days longer and by the time the temperature dropped to very VERY cold, the rain had ended and the sun came out.

It was quite a storm. For a few hours, the heavy winds were blowing the rain sideways against the house. It made a roaring noise and we developed leaks in places that had never leaks before.

I wasn’t able to get many pictures. Because of the wind, we had everything turned over or lying flat on the deck so it wouldn’t fly away. When the storm ended, we had broken branches all over the property. I have never been so glad we had those dead trees taken down before winter.

Those three trees would surely have come down during the last storm. It wasn’t snow, but it was a doozy. So when they say the camera is “water resistant,” I always wonder how resistant is that? Resistant enough to deal with torrential rain being driven by 60 mph winds? I wasn’t in the mood to test the camera that day.

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  1. While we were away for a few blissful days (in our most southern province, the Ticino), there were heavy rains and strong winds too, but at home. So, when we got home, we had to clean up a bit too. But never as bad as it was at your place.
    Hopefully you won’t have a too harsh winter. And ‘warm’ enough to not have to ruin your heating budget.


    • We were just lucky it wasn’t snow. Cleaning up the branches is minor compared to digging out from under several feet of snow. I love the way snow looks — but I’m past the point of wanting to live in it. I’m pretty sure no one in this house is happy to see lots of snow. A little bit, like a white fluffy dressing? That’s okay, but more than that? I like it best for the first five minutes. After that, I want it to melt. We missed a huge snow by just a few miles, too. It came close but we got lucky!


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