Fandango’s Provocative Question #196

The question is:

What was the most unusual, unique, weirdest, or most useless holiday gift you received this year? Please feel free to substitute birthday or other occasion gift if that works better for you.

I have to say that just this once, I don’t think I got a single useless gift. Garry gave me a new orchid, Owen replenished my coffee beans, Kaity gave me a great furry shirt which I’m currently wearing. Most of the rest of the gifts were food. The huge box of chocolate remains wrapped. Neither my teeth nor hips need chocolate and as long as it stays sealed, nothing terrible will happen.

And I don’t think we gave any stupid or useless gifts either. Garry got things he uses plus a new container of his favorite cologne, Owen and Arthur got two new sets of cotton percale sheets.

The closets are exactly as full as they were before the holidays which in any case is pretty much “capacity.” I wish they were emptier. If someone wanted to send us the best present of all, send a prepaid “take away the trash” truck. Now THAT would be a huge help.

That’s probably a sign that times really are changing. These days, it often costs more to dispose of large items than it costs to buy them. Old televisions, toilets, mattresses, furniture — especially big, heavy items like our oak desks. No one wants them, not even for free because no one has room for them. They are huge and heavy. The one in what was my at-home office takes up half the room!

This was a great year for giving and receiving. We didn’t get anything ridiculous, ill-fitting, or unwanted. We gave people stuff they could use and in some cases, asked for and we got what we wanted.

May these good times keep rolling! Maybe the house won’t explode after all.

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5 replies

  1. The oak desks sound very nice, even if they are big. It sounds like a good Christmas.


  2. It’s great when that happens. Everything you give is appreciated and nothing you receive is unwanted. No fake enthusiasm required.


    • I think somewhere along the line, we all got the same idea at the same time: stop giving junky gifts just to fill up space and just give things people actually want and will use. It’s a huge improvement, both economically and practically. We have “grown up” finally 😀

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