5 Gifts I Love Getting

Any of these gifts will never go to waste nor will they ever be “regifted.”

  1. Orchids or other flowers — alive and growing to join my indoor garden.
  2. Good food. Cheese, crackers, jams and jellies, fruitcake, and many special sweets will never go to waste.
  3. Coffee beans, especially when it’s a coffee I’ve never tried before.
  4. Earrings! Beads, hoops, or just something interesting or odd, I love them all.
  5. Camera accessories. A new lens, more CD cards. Cleaning kits or a cool camera bag!

No books. I’m sorry to say we have no room for any more. The ones we have are already exploding out of the bookcases. ONLY digital! Personally, I prefer audiobooks, but as long as it doesn’t require room in a bookcase, it works for me.

That’s pretty much it. Everything else I either have or would rather buy for myself. I know my size and it’s a lot less wasteful when I can get something that -fits rather than trying to figure out what to do with one more sweater that’s just a little too small.

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  1. Great list and I’m with you on the foodie gifts in particular. No earrings for me please, as I don’t wear them – I’d rather have a pretty bangle or necklace. My favourite gifts these days are often things to do. My husband bought theatre tickets for my birthday (To Kill a Mockingbird – excellent) and last year my nephew gifted us a two night stay in a selection of UK hotels (we went to Liverpool for a weekend).


  2. That is my kinda list! I do like books, though. Every so often, I cull my bookshelves, but one of my great joys is receiving a book as a gift. I’ve never read an audiobook.


    • I have no place to give away books. The library is full as is the senior center and the local high schools. I’d happily give the books away if someone had room for them. We are not the only ones lacking enough room.


  3. I can relate to that list, at least partially. I LOVE books. I read dozens and dozens of books a year. But now I buy them (always in the Original language), read and gift them right after.
    I often give and love receiving food items. Now it’s home made cookies, a savoury ‘entrée’ or a great wine. I like those because there is nothing to dust off, it never goes to waste, I think of the person who gave it to me while eating/drinking it and I always send, if possible, a pic with the item and a Thank You to them.
    As a ‘difficult-to-please’ espresso drinker it’s not the best idea to gift me coffee. As for orchids; not my flower at all – but then I love getting a nice bunch of flowers or a plant or a little something to put in my tiny, tiny garden bit.
    I no longer wear earrings but it used to be a great time when I still did. My hair is very curly and they were forever getting tangled up with any earring which caused me a lot of trouble. I also played the violin before starting the cello and you can’t wear anything in your ears or around your neck because of the interference with the instrument.


    • I never thought of interference from earrings, but I can imagine they buzz or whine with the instrument. My hair is now long enough to tie back, so I don’t get tangled anymore. I used to, though and wore small earrings. I just enjoy the uniqueness of each item.


  4. That’s a lovely list. I love all your foodie presents, I forgot them in my list.


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