I almost never see sunsets. Our house faces east. Sunsets get lost behind a neighbor’s house and some of our biggest trees on the west side of the property. Tonight, though, the sky turned a truly lovely pink with shots of gold in the clouds — on the east-facing side. I suppose it had to have been a reflection of the sunset on the west, but however it occurred, it was lovely. For once, I actually went outside and took pictures before it disappeared.

It was an almost perfect half-moon so it will be a waxing moon on New Year’s Eve. I’m sure that means something. I just have no idea exactly what.

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  1. Such beautiful skies and trees! ❤


  2. So lovely. I love the pinks in it. Sunsets have always been my favorite, but that might be because I’m still awake and don’t have to get up to see them. Thank you, Marilyn.


    • Thank you. Usually I just stand there and gawk but for once, I picked up the camera. It wasn’t terribly cold or raining, so I was able to go outside and get better pictures than I usually get. It was a wonder shade of pink with hints of gold.


  3. Beautiful! I love seeing sunsets. Wishing you all the best for the new year!


  4. I especially love the moon shot!


  5. The color is so beautiful and I love the moon!


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