I figured it out. It took me all this time to see what has been right in front of me.

Those far right-wing Republicans are not conservatives. They are not even Republicans. They are terrorists wrapped in red, white and blue. Their goal is not to govern but to prevent governance. They figure when finally, we (the people) lose all hope of maintaining a democratic form of government, they can put a “strong man” in place. Then they will have what they think they want.

Their goal is to disrupt this country until we give up any hope of any kind of democratic government.

Just one simple question remains.

Why do they think, should this scenario actually play out and they are able to put a “strong man” as leader, that THEY would be part his “rule”? Have they never read a history book? Do they not know that the people who put a strong man in power rarely survive long enough to celebrate their supposed victory?

The only reason those people are alive now is because we are all protected by the laws they are trying to eliminate. Should they finally make this government untenable, I think I can be reasonably confident in predicting they will be the first ones lined up against the — maybe figurative, maybe literal — wall.

History is a great teacher. They should check it out.

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  1. First and almost the only time I sat still long enough to watch Trump at one of his early rallies, I was struck by two things: one, the mind-numbing music, which often renders people unable to form full sentences for some time after, and two, he kept using the Nazi salute when he raised his hands to the crowd. At the time I thought it was accidental. Later on I realized it was deliberate, and not as far-fetched as I first thought. brrr.


    • There is something so terribly wrong with that man. Of course, I think that about all people of his ilk. I don’t understand them. Why do they want to destroy other? What is gained by power? \Do they think power will make them happy? I don’t suppose this is a person who is looking for happiness and maybe that’s that’s what is wrong with him.


  2. Frighteningly true… Hope they’re all prosecuted to the full.

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  3. Well, you hit that nail squarely on it’s head!

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    • I would have rather been wrong. Sadly, I think I did finally hit that nail on it’s mush-brained head. It’s like whatever the year was when Rome collapsed. You sort of gag while watching the disaster, knowing you can’t do anything about it.


    • Bro, no quid pro quo for these people. Just a little warm up time for “Jailhouse Rock”


  4. I think that the more moderate members of both parties used to believe they could work together but that hope is gone (at least in the House). The democrats have to stop wasting energy on trying to compromise and prepare to block more harm from being done.

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    • Yes, I agree. But I don’t think it’s going to happen. I don’t even know why not. It certainly SHOULD happen.


      • We’ll see. Depends on Jefferies and some of the younger leaders. They know what’s at stake. GOP leaders are clearly in for the power and $$$


        • They act as if they are going to live forever — and whatever they do, it won’t affect THEM. They are so wrong about that! If they get their way — putting an autocrat in power — I guarantee they would all die from sudden bizarre accidents and be gone in a matter of weeks. Because that’s what happens historically EVERY time this kind of government overthrow occurs. The only reason they think it doesn’t apply to them is they are too ignorant to understand it.

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    • JT, “Tip” O’Neill must be grimacing from his perch high above. I recall his rants about long days and nights trying to breach the divide. He had the grit to pursue obviously bi-partisan issues ignored by his eminent opposition. That grit is no longer true.


  5. I saw Lauren Boebert issue a threat/warning yesterday that the Repubs were going to be a pain in ass for the Dems. This is a person who parades herself as a Christian, but who consistently practices and preaches hate – nothing at all that Jesus ministered. If that’s what they teach in her church, then her Jesus is the devil. But she doesn’t recognize that – or the Oath she took to Serve the People.

    Truly sad and dangerous times when a large group of the GOP were people who were actively in on the conspiracy to overthrow the Vote – and have not even yet to be charged.

    ‘Interesting Times’ indeed.

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    • They really ARE terrorists. They may not be currently armed, but I don’t for a minute doubt that they would be if they thought it was “their time,” whatever that means. We are an embarrassment to ourselves and to the world. Worst of all is that if we fall, others will also fall. We led the way to democracy and we might yet lead the way into darkness.

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      • Embarrassing is a word we’ve heard frequently in recent days with the Kevin McCarthy fiasco.

        WHY couldn’t they find someone else after McCarthy failed to get the votes after 10 or 11 rounds? Words fail me. We keep finding new lows and there seems to be little optimism for legit candidates in ’24.


        • I’m not sure there’s much hope for our country, much less candidates. We are pathetic. Oh, sure, individuals are unique and I think if you took a tally, more people hate what’s happening than like it — but we have no power to change the events in progress. It’s getting to be an embarrassment being American. I never imagined this could happen. Ever.

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          • something insidious has happened to our country, and to our politics. Trump managed to destroy the Republican party, turning it into the party of violence and abuse. He’s a would-be dictator, without the sparkly charm of Hitler. I am still Republican, partly out of laziness, but partly because I want to be a Republican who regularly votes the candidate not the party. I’m not sure we can ever recover, but I am sure I’ll not be around to see the mess at the end of it all. Getting old hath it’s advantages.


            • I think it didn’t used to matter what your party was as long as you knew for whom you were voting and what he or she stood for. I think Trump was the result of our politics, not the cause of the mess. We’ve been heading for this mess for a long time — two centuries at least. It’s possible that having chosen to make slavery part of our country, we doomed ourselves from the start. I’ve been reading a LOT of American history recently and what has struck me the most is how much the same we are and how we keep reiterating our history again and again.

              I think we decided to dine with the devil from the get-go, but our spoon wasn’t NEARLY long enough.


  6. they are terrifying in every way

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  7. I don’t know if they are even thinking that far ahead. A few are, like that evil Steve Bannon, who has made no secret of wanting to destroy the country as it is and create something else. But the rank and file are merely disruptive brats, imo, who bask in any negative attention as proof they have “owned the libs,” whatever that even means. It’s so ridiculous anyone votes for them, but people are petty and immature. Case in point: tens of millions of “ordinary” people supported that New York City con artist only because they thought it would upset “coastal elites,” when in fact HE WAS ONE!

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    • I think they do know exactly what they mean, though I’m pretty sure they don’t realize that if they succeed, the odds are that they will all have fatal “accidents” in very short order because that has always been what happens when a country slides from some kind of democracy to “strong man” leadership. They ARE terrorists. Their intention is not to govern, but to prevent government. Armed or not, that IS terrorism.

      That we don’t take them seriously is why they are likely to destroy the government. They will also destroy themselves, but I doubt they’ve looked deeply enough at what they are doing and its likely ramifications.

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  8. How long you think McCarthy will last? He and his concessions….like some whiney kid who no one wants on the team, but he keeps saying, “Come on. Pick me. I’ll do anything….”

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