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Today’s questions are food-centric, which is very appropriate as I’m about to start to cook dinner. It’s fish tonight and it was fish last night. Finally, after a really long time, we went to the the friendly fish store in Rhode Island. The make the absolutely best crab cakes. They are as good as those you get in seafood restaurants and I totally love them.

Homemade makiA fine use for fish. I only use cooked fish

Tonight, it’s fresh haddock caught in Maine. I’ve got to go create a lemon sauce for it. I really love fish and would happily eat it most of the time if I could.

What is the most important meal to your day and why?

Probably dinner because I’m hungry and also because I actually put a fair bit of effort into preparing it. But sometimes, a snack after dinner is more satisfying than the meal that preceded it.

How many bananas do you eat a week or do you not?

When we have them, one a day. But they don’t last a week and we don’t shop every day or even close, so I would say three or four?

Do you think self-help books actually help or hinder?

I think for many people they are downright dangerous. They are usually a kind of pop-psych readers take literally. It’s not necessarily the author’s fault. It’s the readers who think a book is going to fix their world, repair their damaged relationships, make their sex life like it was when they were young.

That’s ridiculous. At best, books are “suggestions” — ideas you can try and see if they work for you. People in this country are incredibly gullible. We assume rumors on the internet are true, so if it’s in a book? It must be THE truth.

I often wonder if we are as stupid as we seem. We can’t be that stupid, right?

Should we all be more social and not enjoy solitude so much?

That’s a very solid NO, NO, NO.

If had to be sociable no matter what we want, it would be unbearable. Garry and I are social enough with the right people, in the right places. We are old enough to reject dealing with people whose company we don’t enjoy, or spending social time with strangers. I believe that getting old should also confer a few privileges, among them the right to be ourselves.

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  1. Excellent answers, Marilyn 🙂

    I agree with the self-help syndrome as well. Way too many people buy into the concept like it’s the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and then become disillusioned when they don’t get the results they believed they should have,

    Personally, l prefer solitude, and whilst l am courteous with the people l know, most of the time l am very aloof with strangers – I am never hostile, but l no longer have the love for being social for the sake of it and l find it tiresome now.

    Bananas are seemingly going off way too quickly these days, making it trickier to get them to the right stage in their life from the supermarket.


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