There was a time — and I can remember it — when reading, watching, or listening to news was not depressing. It could be upsetting. It was often exciting. Now, it’s usually depressing mixed with horrifying, demoralizing, and terrifying.


Twice a year, I get a magazine from Cornell Ornithological group to whom I send a small amount of money every month. They are one of the groups trying to salvage our birds. Birds will probably not completely disappear. There will be a few in places where climate change and habitat loss hasn’t destroyed them, but the fabulous array of birdlife we currently have is disappearing.

House Finches

The list of extinct birds is growing faster than the list of birds increasing. We’ve lot more than 3 BILLION birds since they started counting — about 40 years ago. They’ve gotten more accurate and the news isn’t good. We are losing a million birds annually in North America alone, never mind the rest of the world. At this rate, in another five years we will have fewer than half the birds we have now and many common species will have disappeared.

There are a very few places where conservation efforts are showing a positive effect, but overall, the news is bad. They keep telling us to not get too depressed, to keep doing our best to feed them, count them, do whatever we can to keep them alive, nesting, and growing.

Then there’s National Geographic. You wouldn’t think that would be depressing, would you? At least I can read articles on archaeology without going into a mental slump, but when they talk about animals and how few remain, that there are more plastic statues of flamingos than living flamingos — and by the way, the loons are disappearing from northern lakes because the waters are too warm? I go into another slump that’s even slumpier than the previous slump.


And then there’s the actual news on TV where the lunatic right is trying to turn back the clock to sometime around 1600, except we keep the guns and bombs. I don’t even want to talk about their proposals. They are not merely depressing. If any of these bills were to somehow pass, I think we old folk would quickly die of hunger and disease.

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

I can’t remember the last time I read or saw anything on the news that was exciting or simply interesting. Everything is threatening. There is no light at the end of the this long dark tunnel. There aren’t even headlights of an oncoming train because the tracks are a mess and trains barely run.

Quail at Ironstone Farm

I’m sure that some of my reaction is because my anemia has gotten bad enough to not deliver enough oxygen to my brain. After I get treated (coming soon to a hospital near me!) I might feel livelier.

Will there ever be a light at the end of the tunnel? Will I live to hear we have “turned climate change around”? Or so much as made a dent in it? Short of telling me to have faith in God — that will not cheer me — can anyone offer something in which I can believe that might offer hope? I could really use some positive encouragement. If anyone has some, send it here please.

Meanwhile, enjoy the birds.

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  1. Fantastic photography Marilyn. That is the best l can gift you. You are a keen and patient photographer – l love photography but are too much of a fidget to capture as you have here.

    As to the stuff you write of, well, you know my views as we have just discussed how utterly depressing it all is.


    • It’s the food that brings them. It brings them and makes them friendly. They recognize us as feeders and are not afraid. The warfare seems to be (mostly) called off near the feeders — except for some of the really aggressive birds.

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  2. I can’t offer much in the way of good news stories but I do think you’ll feel better once your anaemia is treated. And if you want an interesting news read that shows how some people are making a different lifestyle bring positive benefits, try this one which caught my eye this morning: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-64153693 Meanwhile another big dose of praise for your bird photography 🙂 The first two in particular are outstanding!


    • The first one was a lucky catch. I always want to catch them in the air doing something interesting, but my lens isn’t quite fast enough and so much depends on the light at that particular moment. If it is bright but not brilliantly sunny, I get much better resolution. This one required a bit of processing to clean it up. There was more detail than it first appeared — I just had to get rid of the noise and sharpen it a bit. And brighten it and add a bit more contrast. But I thought it would be worth it. I still think so 😀

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    • I keep posting before I’m finished. My finger just goes to that button all by itself. I have been assured I really WILL feel better after the anemia has been — if not eliminated — at least substantially reduced. Chronic exhaustion IS one of its primary symptoms, so I’ve got two iron infusions next week and the week after — and here’s hoping they can find a decent vein somewhere!

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