After all my gratitude at the lack of snow this winter, of course it snowed this morning. We only got a few inches — maybe three? But not far away, they got half a foot and the week’s not over yet. There will be more, probably a little bit every day. Climate is changing, but it’s still winter and this is New England. It’s January and it is cold.

We were down to our last seeds this morning. There was barely enough to feed my feathered friends. They were hungry! Some days they are obviously more hungry than others.

Maybe it was the cold wind and drifting snow, but there wasn’t enough room for the crowd. We have four seed feeders and two suet feeders. We have no more room for feeders and honestly, I can’t afford to feed any more than I’m already feeding. I feel guilty about not being able to feed them all.

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  1. Its great you feed as many as you do! Don’t feel guilty! Your doing your best!


  2. The photos at the yellow feeder are wonderful. All the movement–I love when you can actually feel it. These seem almost extra sharp and clear. You used a different lens?


    • I noticed too that these are much sharper than before and no, it is the same camera and lens. I think what’s different is the light. I’m shooting in a non-sunny environment and I don’t have the bright sunshine to contend with. But these last two batches came out really sharp. I’d think I was using a new lens too, except I know I’m not. So, it has to be the light. Grey skies give more detail than bright sun.

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  3. HI Marilyn, Marvelous pictures. You are wonderful to feed as many birds as you do.


    • I wish I could feed everything that is hungry, but this is as much as we can do and it’s really more than we should. But it’s my contribution to keeping something like “normal” in this world. I can’t fix most things, but at least I can help hungry little garden birds keep alive in a changing world.

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      • Exactly and ever little thing helps. I attended a work breakfast function yesterday. I got the staff to pack up all the left over food and distributed it to beggars on my way into the office. Small gestures help people and creatures.


  4. Love this and the birds are beautiful. Thank you for such a lovely post.


  5. That cardinal is a beauty! ❤️


    • We actually have at least half a dozen of them. That one is particularly bright. Some have darker wings, others are a lighter or darker red. Apparently Lady Cardinals are very interested in having the reddest male who also is willing to do a special mating dance AND prove he can build a nest. No college degree required. It’s all about being VERY red 😀

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