I got the right nurse! She wrapped my arm in heated blankets and was able to find a working vein on the second try — which is probably a record especially considering how many have been unable to find a vein at all. Today definitely fits into the “small miracle” category of events.

Window at the doctor’s office

Whether or not the treatment works is yet unknown. Until after the second infusion (next week), more blood tests and the hematologist follow-up visit, I won’t know. But I’m absolutely counting on it working. At least in medicine, you gotta have faith.

This has been a heavily medical month and not a whole lot of fun. There’s more coming — a bunch of stuff in March for me and Garry, but but I’m hoping that as April rolls around, life will get easier. I’m counting on that, too!

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  1. Was not aware you had more medical challenges. Will put you on my lengthening prayer list, (sigh) with love.Tasha


    • Well, you know, we are at that age. Garry’s heading for 81 and I’ll be 76 in March. We are actually doing better than other people we know, but everyone our age has something going on. It’s just kind of rough for Garry because he can’t hear and NOW he also can’t see.


      • I hear you, I was thinking today my life and Stephen’s seem to revolve around Dr. apts. (sigh) However, we are still functional and upright so that’s a mercy. Miss you and wish we could see one another. Hugs, Tasha


        • We’re just in the middle of a medical mess. We have almost daily appointment through this month and a lot of Feb. and March. After THAT it should ease off. For some reason the beginning of the year tends to be like this, but this year is worse than usual because its both of us. Hang on. It will get better AND spring will come.


  2. Hopefully, the nurse finding a vein rather quickly will be the start of good things for you and for Garry.
    Very pretty window at your doctor’s office.


  3. I hope you get that nurse again next time.


  4. I have my fingers crossed for you both…


  5. Oh, that IS good news! I’d been wondering how it went. Hopefully this is a sign of more positive things to come 🙂

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  6. Great! Makes sense to use heat…

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  7. Good to know Marilyn that it went smoothly. All the best for Garry’s checkup too.

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