CBWC:  Circles and Curves

Curves — including arches. Circles — including a camera and a pocket watch. The nearly round buds of an opening orchid and the big, round wheels on a bicycle.

Black & White

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  1. I love your gallery this week. My pick is the logs 😀 😀


  2. What a beautiful collection of circles and curves! I love B and W photos. The ones with you and Garry’s hands are my favorite because of the human element involved. I might be partial! ☺️


  3. A great gallery! I love the orchid shot and the pocket watch in particular, and both work perfectly in B&W 🙂


    • Thank you. I still have that pocket watch though it doesn’t work anymore. I needs repair and it is so hard to find anyone who knows how to work on them. There are no professionals who repair either watches OR clocks. You have to find hobbyists who do it for the joy of fixing something old and beautiful. That one was one of the prettiest watches I ever bought and I so wanted to get it properly repaired. I may do it yet. It’s gold, too. I bought it years ago and it cost very little, probably because it doesn’t work. Now it would probably cost more just because the gold is worth more.

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  4. Wonderful! It’s been too long since I visited your site!
    Love the choices you made and the tree trunk was a lovely surprise!


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