When I got up and went out to feed the birds, it was pouring — and warm. Less than an hour later, the temperature dropped and a pretty heavy snow was falling. Tomorrow it’s supposed to snow and rain in no discernible order. At some point during tomorrow night, it’s supposed to do something involving water (frozen or not), but I’m not sure what or when. It’s rumored it might stop raining and snowing by the weekend. Meanwhile, I took pictures.

Two juncos scuffing around in the snow on the railing. Juncos are our winter birds. Normally they show up in December, but this year they were here early in November. I think their schedules are confused.

All the birds prefer a covered feeder in the snow

It was a great day for black and white birds — almost entirely juncos and white-breasted nuthatches.

Plus a cardinal who I couldn’t get in focus. There are times when autofocus doesn’t do what you want and this was one of those times.

Nuthatch in motion. This was just an hour after the earlier rainy pictures

I took many pictures, but he was never sharp either because he was in the shade of the covered feeder, or behind something else in focus while the birds were not.

If you look, you can see when it was raining and later — about 45 minutes when it was snowing. There was a brief few minutes in between when it was doing both.

This lady Cardinal is pretty sharp.

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  1. You have beautiful birds it seems, whatever the weather, and take beautiful photos of them 🙂


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