CBWC:  Fences and Gates

A fence by the river in Northfield, MN
Fencing in the cows
Black & White

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  1. These are terrific photos. My favorite this week is your old barbed wire fence ;D 😀

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    • Thanks Cee. Those cows had a great life. Other than providing milk and making calves, they lolled all summer in fields along the river with occasional pats on the nose from local visitors. They were such friendly cows. The new owners of the farm only have a few cows. Mostly they are growing corn. The cows were too much work, I guess.

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      • Very nice noir take on innocent looking scenarios.

        Hitch would approve. Thinking “Shadow of A Doubt” (’44/Paramount). serial killer, nice uncle (Joseph Cotten ) visits his family in beaucolic small town.

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  2. These fences and gates look good in B & W.

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