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I think Rory is the only person (besides me) who puts in pictures because he likes them and not because they have any special relevance to the story.

On a scale of 1 – 10, how happy are you?

I would give me a 7 or 8, depending on the day. If my body were working better, I would up it. Medical issues do take the edge off.

Why do people ask how we are but do not want to know the truth?

I find it really annoying, but Garry says it doesn’t mean anything and that most people say it as if it is part 2 of “hello.” When I was really ill, it drove me nuts and I avoided anywhere where anyone would ask that question.

How much meat do you consume in a week, and if you are not a meat eater, have you ever considered meat alternatives, and if so, what are they?

I eat as little meat as I can. I feel better when I eat less meat. These days, it is probably twice a week of red meat. The rest of the time it tends to be some variation on a theme of chicken.

How ironic that “meat alternatives” are so expensive. They cost at least twice the price of chicken or minced meat. Are vegetables really that expensive? Or are they charging what they think they can get away with?

I don’t care what anyone says. Vegetarian meat substitutes should not cost more than top quality sirloin! Even adding in the expense of producing it, it can’t cost that much. I think it’s another case of greed overcoming any potential value to society. It would be better for the world, better for people if these meat subs were readily available, but as long as everyone charges the maximum possible amount for every item, it won’t happen.

Personally, I think if they lowered the price they’d make up for in volume every penny they lost in the original price.

We would also eat more fish if it were more available and not so expensive. Fish used to be an inexpensive meal, but the fleets fished out the primary fishery — George’s Bank. Today, there are many limitations on how often fishing boats can go there and the amount (and what) they can take.

Fishing boats in Gloucester. That fleet is gone.

What a pity. The problem with George’s Bank was brewing for decades and fisher folk were repeatedly warned if they didn’t cut back on overfishing, eventually there would be no fish.

Photo: Garry Armstrong – This kind of fishing is not a problem!

They ignored the warnings and one day, the fish were gone. The department of fisheries closed George’s Bank to all fishing for several years. Now, there is limited fishing, but nothing like there was. George’s Bank isn’t just where you catch fish. It’s also where fish mate. Against all advice, they continued using nets which raked up not only adult fish, but also the babies. With many fewer adult fish to produce babies, the volume of fish diminished quickly.

It didn’t have to be this way.

I understood that the fisher folks had huge investments and loans on their boats and probably homes, too. They needed the money — but sometimes, you need to let reality leak into your world, even when the reality is not something about which you want to hear.

Are you a slow or fast eater, and which behaviour do you think is best and why?

These days, I’m a slow eater. I don’t eat very much. If I eat too fast, I eat even less food than I need. Overall, I think we eat too much because we eat too fast. When you inhale you food, you don’t really taste it — and you stuff yourself before your stomach has a chance to recognize you are full.

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  1. Hey Marilyn, as Sadje pointed out in response to your post, alternative meat products should not be more expensive than actual meat products. It’s an absolute greed sin of manufacturers working to capitalise on those ‘not’ desiring real meat.

    Here in the UK, Suze and l have started to eat alternative meat products as we no longer eat the meat of any kind now. I was eating chicken until four months ago, but it was causing me so many complex health acid issues l had to drop it from the diet.

    I am primarily a pescatarian these days, but the price of fish has skyrocketed, like the price of fuel. We have started eating sausage alternatives made from pea protein, black beans and recently, remarkably good lentils. It has made me wonder why l ever ate meat in the first place.

    I am impressed with your 7 to 8 happy score. That’s an excellent honest figure; l am also on a realistic 7-8 most days.


    • I would be glad to give the meat alternatives a try, especially since I try to avoid red meat and here too, the price of fish is sky high. In our case, the fleets overfished the east coast to such an extent, we almost didn’t have any fish. And if the Coast Guard weren’t patrolling the area, I’m sure they’ve be back dragging nets and just killing everything in the sea.

      Humankind has no respect for the planet. It’s really depressing that even now, so many people just don’t GET it. I don’t know what it will take to convince them. Maybe it’s hopeless but I keep thinking SURELY we are smarter than to let our planet collapse from sheer stubborn stupidity.

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      • I know what you mean. I was speaking to someone on Wednesday at the reserve where l volunteer, and he was saying blah, this and blah that on the state of the planet is false and filled with conspiracy and l was astonished. When asked why on EARTH he was helping with a conservation project like Gazen Salts, he answered, “Summit to do, ain’t it!” Thankfully l don’t think he’ll be back. But he was a guy in his forties, telling me that almost all of his friends believe the planet is fine, and it’s just news being news with their doom and gloom stories for better ratings.

        We have similar horror stories over here. Huge ‘supertrawlers’ overfishing our waters that aren’t even British.


  2. I agree with you Marilyn on the price of meat substitute.


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