Every month or two, I get money for my book. Last month it was $0.39 — thirty-nine cents. This month was even better.

For anyone who wants to know why I haven’t bothered to write another book, this is the reason. If you don’t have an agent and a contract, it’s really not worth the effort of writing a book. At least when I blog, I’m pretty sure a few people actually read it. Maybe not as many people as used to read it, but it doesn’t go entirely unnotice.

I love that Amazon will always deposit the money, if there is any. Some months people buy or maybe borrow? the book and I get a notification that someone read it, but I don’t get any money. I’m not sure how that works, but it’s not like I’ve got a best seller out there, so whether I get 1 cent or a few more pennies? Not a real issue.

Still, I do find it curious that somewhere someone decided to get a copy of my book and maybe actually read it. I have not looked at my book lately. I’ll have to look and see if there are any more reviews. I’d be very surprised if there are any. I’m surprised that anyone still occasionally reads it!

NOTE: There actually are some more reviews — and even a couple from people I don’t personally know — on or offline. Gee, I suppose I should check more often. For anyone who bought my book and read it, thank you! I wish I’d done a better editing and proofreading job on it, but if nothing else, I was sincere and I meant every word, even though I may not entirely agree with me anymore.

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  1. The important thing is you had something to say and said it. Congratulations on the royalties and on the new reviews.


  2. I have a book of short stories ready to go. All I have to do is format it. Formatting a book of short stories is the worst torture imaginable. It will be at least 200 hours of pulling my hair – every time a correction is made, everything, I mean everything, goes out of whack. So a small typo fix means 10 hours of getting back to where it was before the typo fix. I have been sitting here for almost two years wondering if it is worth it. This post is a wonderful example of why I have been thinking about it – After a small rush of friends and family lets me buy a burger at a fast food joint (if I wanted, which I don’t), I might get a penny every few months. Yep, but the book would be published 😉


    • I know. We really need to hire editors so someone just takes it OUT of our hands before formatting, but I never could afford it — and I wasn’t sure I could trust someone else. But then again, I should probably not have trusted me, either.

      I’m not sure it is worth it. I mean, it’s nice to be in print, but it’s also nice to actually be read and given the state of publishing? It’s ridiculously hard. I’ve been thinking of serializing material on my blog. What do YOU think?

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      • I have serialized books and it works OK, but once they are out, that’s the end. Nobody has ever gone back and read any of my serialized works after the initial post. And during the time I could tell only a small handful actually read every chapter.
        As to self-publishing, I am not sure. Some people seem to do OK with it, but I think most are like us that only have a few reads dribble in on occasion. It’s slightly depressing and I very often ask myself if it is worth trying again…


  3. I’d spend most of that on whisky and women. Then I’d probably just waste the rest.


  4. what is the book about and what is it called?


  5. Don’t spend it all in one store. 🙂


  6. You could always update your book, Marilyn, give it a thorough edit maybe, it might just work the oracle!


  7. enjoy your windfall –


  8. Congratulations 😜


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