Garry and Tom are trying to work out the technical stuff for podcasting. They’ve been talking about this for a while, but finally, it’s beginning to happen. Getting the sound, the light, the microphone all working properly takes a bit of organization, but I think it’s smoothing out.

But just so you know, with a little luck, we are going to have Garry and Tom’s “memories of the news” as a recurring podcast. Cool, huh? Nothing to show you yet. We are in “test mode and we won’t be doing any broadcasting until there are a few podcasts done and ready to go. But meanwhile, we are in figuring out how to get pictures that work and not look 1000 years old.

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  1. I am looking forward to it.

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    • I’m looking forward too. I want to hear how yesterday went. I’m sure there will be adjustments, but between them, they have a huge amount of material.

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      • I’m waiting for feedback from Tom. I know I was rusty, a bit “off my game” and need to find my rhythm to work smoothly with Tom. It’s a FUN project and hopefully will attract folks of a certain age who like hearing ‘insider’ stories about radio and tv days, the celebrities we knew professionally and personally. There’ll be “hard to believe” anecdotes about our broadcast careers but they will be TRUE. You just can’t make up goofy stuff like that. Hopefully, you’ll laugh a lot.

        I think this may be a “pay it forward” series for aspiring broadcasters. You’ll hear from two old timers who’ll reprise the good, the bad and the ugly. We’re talking about a combined 80 years of bizarro stuff in the media circus.


  2. Looking forward to it

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    • Thank you. It is exciting. Today was very busy with a lot of setting and then, after getting it set up, I redid the entire setup including the computer and the lighting. I think (I certainly HOPE) I’ve got it better organized now. This is the project I’ve been hinting at. I think it will be a lot of fun once the guys get their mojo going. Today was a trial run, but they did put together one (first) cast. They have a lot of stories to tell. It was just a lot of busy work for me and now it’s late and I’m still putting together posts because I had NO time all day to do anything.

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      • Your myriad efforts to make me look and sound good are appreciated. But, remember, we are not facing deadlines. That’s the beauty of this project. We’ll find our “speed”.
        Tom is a natural talent. As I’ve said, he could’ve been an on camera “star” for all those years he worked behind the scenes. I am still impressed at how natural Tom is on camera. It’ll be fun to see how we mesh.


      • It sounds like it will be brilliant, Marilyn, but try not to overdo it. I also get carried away when I’m interested in a new project.


        • I tend to go into “producer” mode. It’s how I lived through hundreds of huge books I wrote from idea to publication and often, one additional rewrite. If I didn’t deal with it as a producer, it would never have gotten done. Now, though, I have to remember to calm down and breathe!

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  3. Sounds challenging but worth it!

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  4. Tommy is the best person to help him with the details. I looked into giving him a computer to use but it is really to old to fit in for this purpose. Let me know when the guys are on the air…

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  5. Looking forward to it


    • Me too. There were still a few tactical things to work out — moving the whole thing to the dining room where he will have some natural light and a whole table to work with and I think a better physical placement. Tom has all the stuff from today and I think he’ll go over it and probably have some more suggestions. It will be fun.

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